FREEBIES FOR ILLEGALS: a Comprehensive List

Special diets, iPads, life coaches, and more.

Here’s the list of free benefits the state provides for the thousands of illegal aliens in the “migrant shelters.”

This all comes from sources, because the state refuses to provide information as mandated under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

If we’ve missed any additional freebies, and we probably have, let us know.

Democrats are claiming that this catastrophic black hole in the state budget is costing $75 million a month – it’s likely at least double that.

Also false: the claim that “half” the people in these motels-turned-flophouses are Americans. That is utter nonsense. They are overwhelmingly illegal aliens seeking “asylum” – from work.


Free hotel rooms at $150+ a day.

Three meals a day at $64 per person per diem.

Free on-site medical & dental services (including condoms).

Special diet for Ramadan.

Free same-day dry cleaning w/free pick up & delivery.

Free housekeeping twice a week.

Free cell phones, chargers/charging ports.

Free tablets, IPads.

Free clothing, new & used.

Everyone got new free winter coat, gloves and shoes.

Free toiletries (tooth paste, deodorant, special “ethnic” shampoos, skin cream, aspirin, tooth brushes, feminine products).


Free diapers, wipes, diaper pails, cribs, bassinets, playpens, baby bottles, baby formulas, free car seats, free new mother bags, playrooms for young illegals w/free toys & books which must be replaced often because of destruction.


Free tax preparation at $350 per family. Even though next to none work, all will get big returns via “child tax credit.”

Free work-permit attorney.

Free asylum attorney.

Free MassHealth (Medicaid) coverage.

Free vaccination clinics.

Free WIC (Women, infants, children) cards, $400-800 a month on top of 3 free meals a day.

Free DTA (Dept. of Transitional Assistance) welfare checks… “family” of 4 pockets $2880 a month.

Free Uber/Lyft to schools, grocery stores, doctors’ appts., hospital, job interviews, entertainment.

Free public transportation, but nobody takes a bus when they can get a free Uber.

Free transportation to church, via either Uber or church provided.

Holiday parties.

Movie nights in hotel.

Free postage stamps, envelopes.

Free Notary service.

Free English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.

24/7 security.

School choice transportation via Uber or buses, big $$$, plus overwhelmed local school systems.

Flood of 911 calls, first responders overwhelmed answering domestic disturbances, drugs, alcohol and general entitled Third World nonsense calls.


$30,000 in “rental assistance” over 2 years from state’s HomeBase program.

Free UHaul & boxes.

Free luggage on moving day.

Free new beds for all “family” that moved into new flophouse. Delivered free of charge.

Free furniture up to 10 items (couch, tables, end tables, rugs, etc.).

A free move-in package (plates, towels, cutlery, etc.) Up to $900. Delivered free.


A free assigned case manager to find the freeloader a free place to stay & negotiate rent/lease.

Case managers to make sure the welfare keeps coming (DTA, WIC, MassHealth & SSI for the “disabled”).

“Stabilization manager” – case worker for 2 years after leaving the flophouse.

Free case workers for “early childhood intervention.”

DCF (Dept. of Children & Families) for those “struggling with parenting.”

Free “life coaches” from DCF.


Hotels charge for function rooms used for meals, to provide welfare services for the illegals etc.

Hotels charge for internet & office supplies for case workers.


Next to no follow up from any state agencies & the hacks have no idea how bad it is.

Massachusetts is ringing a dinner bell for every criminal & grifter in the Third World.

Hotel staff cannot evict for offenses that would get US citizens tossed – illegals stash drugs, alcohol, knives, guns, air fryers etc. in their rooms all in violation of “Right to Shelter” regulations.

Haitians complain about lack of “Haitian cuisine” even though most fled their Third World bleephole years ago & have just moved here from South America looking for a free ride.

In 2022, Massachusetts picked a very bad year to become a one-party state.

24 responses to “FREEBIES FOR ILLEGALS: a Comprehensive List”

  1. Bonjonr Avatar

    The giveaways are an essential element of the democrats 4 G immigration program:
    1. Get them in
    2. Get them on the dole
    3. Get them citizenship
    4. Get them to vote Democrat
    Freebies = Votes
    Please share this list of giveaways.
    More Tax Payers not just the readers of this column need to know what the Democrats are doing with our tax dollars.

  2. […] Howie Carr has unearthed a list of other giveaways the migrants are getting, including free healthcare, cell phones, iPads, and […]

  3. Stephen Cormier Avatar
    Stephen Cormier

    Joe Biden and the rest of these politicians that have committed treason should be arrested and jailed immediately and then we can discuss what are penalties for the treasonous acts. 2024 is the year that all these politicians supposed public servants that have millions of dollars on a say 200,000 salary per year just doesn’t add up, I’m no math major but I’m not that gullible. As soon as people wake up to the atrocities they commit and do something nothing will change. They make people poorer, they use racial division and try to make people turn on each other when what we should do is band together as one and change our world for the betterment of all and not just our public servants. End of rant God Bless one and all ❤️

  4.  Avatar

    Wow. I have been working since I was 15 and still working at 66. I struggle to make ends meet and these immigrants get all of this. Where is this right

  5. Lynda Ferguson Avatar
    Lynda Ferguson

    You didnt include the loss in revenue from hotel rooms tax for the state and the towns, as well as use taxes and a tourism tax in several towns. It is truly criminal what our tax dollars are being spent on and the Democrats want to fix the problem by raising taxes, increasing excise taxes, commercial taxes etc! Stop voting for tone death Democrats!

  6. Mack Goldrick Avatar
    Mack Goldrick

    What does all of this add up to in dollars approximately?

  7. vinnie v Avatar
    vinnie v

    My mother 80 years old cancer survivor then a year later broke her hip now she has alzheimer they won’t give her mass health food stamps or even long term care. she lives off of Social Security check she is broke and gets nothing from the government I’m paying out of my pocket to support her while I’m going broke trying to take care of my wife and I who have health issues also. I have to work at least 60 hours a week just so I can afford her food and med buy her cloths. My mother paid her taxes her whole life never broken the law and what is she getting NOTHING NO HAND OUTS FROM THE GOVERNEMNT after her Social Security check she gets and pay her bills she broke I need to buy her food cloths Meds and these illegals who are breaking the law are getting everything free while I leaving pay check to pay check in credit card debt I eat 1 meal a day me and my wife thats how are living.

  8.  Avatar

    If I self-identify as a non-binary transgendered migrant, can I get some free stuff?

  9. Kim B. Avatar
    Kim B.

    I am almost in tears, my dear friend is a marine and served the people of these United States for several years in the Persian Gulf. He is experiencing major tooth pain and cannot get basic care. The VA makes him jump through hoops and is unresponsive. He has been forwarded to 7 people on the phone and being told he is not covered for dental care. The government makes it so hard for those who actually scarified for our Americans. The illegals are getting FREE, convenient – come to them – dental care? How can this be happening??

  10. Mike hanlon Avatar
    Mike hanlon

    Howie what else should we expect from Maura Healey running this state. Just look at the comic book characters we have for politicians. Liz Warren, Markey , Pressley,Lynch just to name a few. You have an idiot for Mayor who has white only Xmas party and nothing happens. Unfortunately Massachusetts is a disgrace its just a matter of time before we’ve all had enough and move somewhere that values mean something.

  11. L Henry Avatar
    L Henry

    The Dems want a welfare state where citizens are dependent and therefore have to keep voting for them to get the grift. They are destroying our country. People no matter your political persuasion better wake up. This is the transformation Obama and other liberals have been talking about. Of course, they will be the ruling class and separated from the serfs.

  12. beachmom Avatar

    Maine is doing the same stuff. Except in Maine the illegals are having entire apartment buildings put up just for them.

    1. Steven Douglas Carr Avatar
      Steven Douglas Carr

      They’re doing the same thing through Chapter 40B in Massachusetts. You put up big subsidized housing complexes, fill them with illegals and others on welfare, get them dependent on the government and you have a dependable Democrat voting bloc long into the future. The legal taxpayers burdened with their support, will eventually flee and what’s left is a permanent underclass governed by Leftist Democrat elites. Crime, drugs, prostitution, etc. will skyrocket and the suburbs will lose their character and devolve into crime-ridden extensions of the cities…

  13. Mashole74 Avatar

    I grew up in Massachusetts and was born and raised there. Massachusetts has become a failed state. I don’t think people realize how bad this is going to get. This will spread to suburbia but by then it will be too late. Without handouts from the GOV, the state will completely collapse. Get out now and move to America.

    1. Kim X. Avatar
      Kim X.

      It already has spread to suburbia.

  14. Coley Avatar

    I was an old style Democrat, went to work every day, the Republicans were anti union, the Democrats were Brian Donnelly,Joe Moakley. But then the Dukakis,Kennedy,Kerry wing took over, the old line Dems went full corrupt under Bulger,Flaherty,Rouse. Now their mutated offspring of Healy,Yu, Markey,Warren,Pressley,Clark,Curtatone rule,the Democrats ignore blue-collar unions except at election time and the Republicans don’t exist in Massachusetts. I’m independent status now and moved to Texas.

  15. peter magraw Avatar
    peter magraw

    Thank You Howie, For All You Do To Keep The Concerned Informed. Love Your radio Show.

  16. Patty O’Neill Avatar
    Patty O’Neill

    I just moved out of Massachusetts after 35 years and went south. So glad I don’t have to pay for this and other assorted insanity anymore. I miss New England but I don’t miss this crap.

    1. Dan Avatar

      Ohhhh, you’re still paying! We’ll all be paying for the rest of our lives.

  17. OJ Avatar

    Are recall elections permitted in Massachusetts? Sadly enough, we’re not at that point yet for the liberal stooges. That’ll change once this insanity starts to infiltrate the backyards of these affluent communities. Hopefully Gov. DeSantis waits a few months and loads up a few triple 7’s with hundreds of immigrants during the summer months and sends them to Marthas Vineyard, Nantucket, and the Cape.

  18. Gigi Avatar

    Selling my business by the end of the summer. I hate it here. I grew up in Boston in the North End. And went back when my husband passed.. was still very young. Living in Woburn. NOw…the hotels, the market basket, the streets, the complexions have changed.
    Complete and total disregard for me and everyone else who works in this disgusting state.

  19. Ken Kowalik Avatar
    Ken Kowalik

    Howie- This is outrageous!!! We have to stop this immediately, Trump has to get back in and retain the House & “steal” the Senate back NOW.

    Ken Kowalik

  20. Michael Kustra Avatar
    Michael Kustra

    All 4 of my grandparents came here from Poland legally around 1900. What do you think that they got besides a job in the cotton mill ?

  21. Jay McCarthy Avatar

    This is just unbelievable, I was intentionally struck by a car 26 months ago and still can’t return to work and there’s nothing for me, 68 year old lifelong Massachusetts resident… shocking huh

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