It’s smelling awfully fishy in Hyannis

In case you’re new to this latest tawdry tale, the colonel’s 22-year-old son ingested a bad ice cube late on the…

Unraveling Hillary Clinton’s Russia hoax … starting with Michael Sussmann

If you’re only dimly aware of the ongoing D.C. criminal trial of corrupt Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann,…

Biden keeping up employment at the gaffe factory, at least

It’s Weekend at Biden’s again, and Dementia Joe Biden has been pondering the dysfunction that plagues these fruited…


Chopped Chumps – 5.27.22

Enjoy some of today's Chumps that didn't make the cut! DOWNLOAD What's in the box could

What will it take to keep kids safe? – 5.30.22 – Hour 4

Taylor takes over for Howie and discusses what measures can be put in schools to keep children safe and we play

Police Blotter Fax Friday – 5.30.22 – Hour 3

Howie and Grace give us this week's weird and funny stories from your local constabulary in Police Blotter Fax
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