Some words from Joe Biden, all dialogue guaranteed verbatim

And now, as the sequel to that film classic “Weekend at Bernie’s,” we present “Weekend at Biden’s,” recapping this

Another Mass. hack fails upward to D.C.

We are only 3 days into the national nightmare and the news keeps getting worse.

Without Trump to blame, coronavirus turns the corner

Have you noticed something missing from the home page of your local news outlet in the last couple of days?…


Morning Minute – 1.25.21

It hasn't even been a week and we already have a bunch of cringe-worthy Biden moments. Download here.

Chopped Chumps – 1.22.21

Today's Chumps that didn't make the cut. Enjoy! Download here.

XL problems with Biden and the Keystone Pipeline – 1.22.21 – Hour 4

Howie takes calls regarding the loss of jobs and the environmental impact of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Morning Minute 12.28.20

Charlie Baker and his "Friends". Download Here.

Doom & Gloom presented by Biden & Fauci – 12.28.20 – Hour 1

Taylor Cormier hosts The Howie Carr Show today! Taylor discusses the latest COVID-19 updates from President-Select…

Chopped Chumps – 12.28.20

Today's Chumps that hit the cutting room floor. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD

David Marcus – 12.28.20 – Hour 2

David Marcus, from The Federalist, joins Taylor to discuss Dr. Fauci lying about the number of people that need to

“Consider The Source.” – 12.28.20 – Hour 3

Taylor discusses the latest from Hollywood: the release of Lori Loughlin from federal prison after two months, and

Morning Minute 12.29.20

Fauci fudged the numbers on herd immunity. Download Here
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