Maura Healey’s misses as Massachusetts attorney general

What exactly are the highlights of her seven-plus years as state attorney general?

Somebody, please ask Biden today about the Texas terrorist

At his annual press conference today, will any of the Democrat operatives with press passes ask Dementia Joe Biden…

Actually, every single bad Democrat move is Trump’s fault!

If Donald Trump didn’t exist, corrupt Democrats would have had to invent him.



These are among the stories I'll be talking about during today's show: Meat Loaf, 'Bat Out of Hell' rock

Morning Minute – 1.21.22

Pierre Delecto released a statement yesterday, half-heartedly criticizing Joe Biden’s claims that republicans are

Chopped Chumps – 1.20.22

Enjoy some extra Chumps from today's show. DOWNLOAD

Morning Minute – 12.22.21

So apparently now they say masks don't work. Who'd a thunk it? DOWNLOAD

Dog Days are Over: Biden gets a New Dog – 12.21.21 – Hour 1

A ruff news day today as the White House gets a new dog and kicks Major out to the curb. DOWNLOAD

Masks are Just Facial Decorations – 12.21.21 – Hour 2

Grace this hour talks about Dr. Leann Wen on CNN declaring cloth masks don't do any good. Surprise,surprise.

2A Tuesday with Toby Leary – 12.21.21 – Hour 3

Grace is joined by Toby Leary of Cape Gun works to answer all your gun and ammo questions in this rapid fire

More Scare Tactics from the Biden White House – 12.21.21 – Hour 1

Taylor this hour briefs us on what Biden had to say about the looming threat of Omicron and how the unvaccinated

‘Spock’-piled Supplies in Preparation for the Dark Winter – 12.21.21…

Biden gave a pep talk today about the Omicron variant becoming dominant across the US pushing the need to get
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