Biden’s ‘zero percent’ inflation claim not based in reality

Happy days are here again. Dementia Joe Biden announced the other day that we have whipped inflation now.

Mar-a-Lago raid latest Deep State run at Trump

Is this the FBI’s latest “insurance policy” against Donald Trump? It sure looks like it.

Detainees suing Bristol County sheriff have dark rap sheets

In case you missed it, 17 current or former “detainees” have filed a federal lawsuit against Hodgson, some guards…


Chopped Chumps – 8.12.22

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Is Trump the Right Choice for 2024? – 8.12.22 – Hour 4

Taylor talks with callers about whether Donald Trump would be a good choice as a candidate in 2024.

Police Blotter Fax Friday – 8.12.22 – Hour 3

Howie and Grace give us the latest weird, funny and strange headlines from your local constabulary.
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