Warren ignores Bay Staters, pens book

Warren has just published her third book while being paid to represent her adopted state of Massachusetts in DC.

The mixed-up files of Mr. Joe Robinette Biden

This edition of Weekend at Biden’s comes mostly from two of his recent appearances, one in Scranton and the other…

Media happy to leave ‘Bostonian of the Year’ out of fraud bust

Nothing to see here, folks, they say now. Move along. For the first time in years, Monica Cannon-Grant is getting a…


Chopped Chumps – 10.26.21

Enjoy some leftover laughs from the Chumpline! DOWNLOAD

Biden Administration is One Crisis after Another – 10.26.21 – Hour 4

Howie talks about how this administration is always on damage control with Afghanistan, supply chains, gas

Murphy Mandates on the Horizon – 10.26.21 – Hour 3

This hour Howie talks about vaccine mandates forcing many to quit or lose their job and Gov. Phil Murphy's senior

Morning Minute – 9.27.21

I’m really starting to wonder, does Dementia Joe do worse with or without the teleprompter. DOWNLOAD


These are among the stories I'll be talking about during today's show

“I Wouldn’t Call it a Flood”, DHS Sec Mayorkas Melts Down on Morning…

Grace discusses the border crisis, the whipping frenzy fake news and Jake Tapper's awkward interview with Biden's

Bet Your Booster, Dollar that Tomorrow – 9.27.21 – Hour 2

President Biden gets a booster shot on TV and takes a few questions about vaccine mandates. Experts are telling us

Fuzzy Math: POTUS Thinks $3.5 Trillion Plan will Cost Zero Dollars – 9.27.21 –…

President Biden is so desperate to pass his reckless spending bill that he is lying to Americans. Speaker Pelosi

Flood…What Flood? – 9.27.21 – Hour 1

'Migrants' are coming over by the thousands carrying not only COVID but who knows what other diseases and the
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