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Chopped Chumps – 5.27.22

Enjoy some of today's Chumps that didn't make the cut! DOWNLOAD What's in the box could

What will it take to keep kids safe? – 5.30.22 – Hour 4

Taylor takes over for Howie and discusses what measures can be put in schools to keep children safe and we play

Police Blotter Fax Friday – 5.30.22 – Hour 3

Howie and Grace give us this week's weird and funny stories from your local constabulary in Police Blotter Fax

Whispering Joe Tells Another Whopper – 5.30.22 – Hour 2

Sleepy Joe tells Naval Academy about his days playing rugby at Syracuse University College of Law, the problem is

Qustions around the Uvalde Shooting and San Francisco Bans ‘Chief’ –…

Howie talks about the difference in the Uvalde police's timeline of events from initial reporting to today and

Advice for Your 30 Year Old Self – 5.27.22 – Hour 3

Grace is turning 30 and asks listeners what advice they would give themselves at 30 years old.

Questions about the Tragedy in Texas- 5.27.22 – Hour 2

Grace continues the conversation into the police's response to the active shooter in Uvalde and the difficult job

Morning Minute – 5.27.22

There continue to be more questions than answers in the Uvalde massacre. DOWNLOAD What's

Chopped Chumps – 5.26.22

Enjoy some extra laughs from the Chumpline! DOWNLOAD What's in the box could potentially

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