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Chopped Chumps – 5.7.21

Enjoy some of today's leftovers from the Chump Line. Download here.

Border Crisis is Not Going to Stop – 5.7.21 – Hour 4

Howie talks with Jessica Vaughan to discuss the border crisis and the serious trouble we are in because of it.

Police Blotter Fax Friday! – 05.07.21 – Hour 3

In this hour, Grace joins Howie for Police Blotter Fax Friday! Also in this hour, Howie listens and reacts to

Biden: Higher Welfare Payments Aren’t Keeping People From Going Back To Work –…

In this hour, Howie and the listeners continue to discuss the April jobs report, unemployment, COVID-19 and much

Abysmal April Jobs Report – 05.07.21 – Hour 1

In this hour, Howie discusses the weak jobs report and President Biden's reaction to it. Also in this hour,

Hillary’s Back…and She’s Blaming Russia Again – 05.07.21 – Hour 3

In this hour, Grace plays Hillary Clinton’s hot take on Brexit. Spoiler alert—it involves Russian interference.

Americans Against Critical Race Theory – 05.07.21 – Hour 2

In this hour, Grace plays cuts of parents who have had it with their kids' woke curriculums. Download here.

Biden Rambles About Jobs Report – 05.07.21 – Hour 1

Grace plays Biden’s speech regarding the dismal Jobs Report. The listeners weigh in on why they think the job

Morning Minute – 5.7.21

This week, a supposedly independent board voted to keep president trump off of Facebook. Download here.

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