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Chopped Chumps – 8.12.22

Enjoy some extra laughs from toady's show! DOWNLOAD What's in the box could potentially

Is Trump the Right Choice for 2024? – 8.12.22 – Hour 4

Taylor talks with callers about whether Donald Trump would be a good choice as a candidate in 2024.

Police Blotter Fax Friday – 8.12.22 – Hour 3

Howie and Grace give us the latest weird, funny and strange headlines from your local constabulary.

Double Standards of Justice – Roger Stone – 8.12.22 – Hour 2

Roger Stone joins the show to talk about the hypocrispy and double standards when it comes to FBI raids, Hillary

Biden Administration in Obvious Damage Control After Raid – 8.12.22 – Hour 1

Howie talks about the damage control the Biden administration is doing after the raid on Mar-a-Lago including the

What a Bunch of “SAPs” – 8.12.22 – Hour 3

Grace talks about the classified documents that supposedly were in Trump's possession including SAPs of

Boston Children’s Hospital Glorifies Gender Surgery – Libby Emmons –…

Grace is joined by Libby Emmons from the Post Millennial to discuss the Boston Children's Hospital glorification

Trump and Supposed Nuclear Documents and the “Fauci Effect” – 8.12.22…

Grace talks about claims that the reason FBI agents raided Trump's Mar-a-Lago was because of nuclear documents

Morning Minute – 8.12.22

Do we really believe Garland and Biden had no prior knowledge of the raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago?

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