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Chopped Chumps – 6.21.21

Some extra Chumps for some extra laughs! DOWNLOAD

Help Wanted but No One’s Knocking – 6.21.21 – HOUR 4

Howie takes calls about the surplus of jobs out there with no one willing to take them. DOWNLOAD

Illegal Immigrant Killers Removed from ICE Website – 06.21.21 – Hour 3

In this hour, Michelle Root joins Howie to discuss testifying against the DREAM Act in front of a Congressional

Hate Mail Monday! – 06.21.21 – Hour 2

In this hour, Grace joins Howie for Hate Mail Monday! Download here.

Who’s the Real Cooze — Howie or #14? – 06.21.21 – Hour 1

In this hour, Howie wonders when you hear the name "The Cooze," who comes to mind? Also in this hour, Grace's

First Trans Athlete to Compete at Olympics – 06.21.21 – Hour 3

Grace talks to Steve Happas about transgender athletes, John Rahm's win and more. Callers weigh in on the

Dr. Fauci — Sociopath or Victim? – 06.21.21 – Hour 2

Grace interviews Scott Hounsell from Red State about Dr. Anthony Fauci, Gain of Function research and more.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s All-White Country Club – 06.21.21 – Hour 1

Grace discusses the left's heroes who keep melting down. Other topics include fake news and Governor Ron DeSantis.

Morning Minute – 6.21.21

Start your week off with some of Biden'! DOWNLOAD