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Most Expensive Thanksgiving in History – 10.26.21 – Hour 2

Howie talks this hour about the rise in costs due to the Biden administration's policies that are going to cost

What’s the Endgame here with Mask Mandates? – 10.26.21 – Hour 1

Howie talks about how they (especially the Commonwealth) are still clinging onto mask mandates in schools and

Callers weigh in on Melrose cancelling Halloween – 10.26.21 – Hour 3

No more Halloween? Grace and the listeners weigh in on the PC police. Also, Dave Chappelle is not backing down to

Rep. Ilhan Omar might be a bigger hypocrite than AOC – 10.26.21 – Hour 2

Rep. Ilhan Omar blames police (the same police she wants to defund) for the crime spike in Minneapolis. Other

Mika and Joe realize inflation is on the menu this Thanksgiving: “What???!”-…

Mika and Joe can't believe Thanksgiving dinner is going to be so pricey this year. Grace comes up with some

Morning Minute – 10.26.21

It's no wonder the Biden crime family has as much money as they do. it's evident from his administration's

Chopped Chumps – 10.25.21

Enjoy some extras from the Chumpline! DOWNLOAD

Concerns about the vaccine from the DOC are DOA – 10.25.21 – Hour 4

Howie talks this hour about Baker and Polito ignoring the concerns from our corrections officers and law

Fauci Lied Beagles Died – 10.25.21 – Hour 3

Howie talks this hour about Anthony Fauci the 'mad scientist' and his experiments approved by him on beagle