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What Will They Have to Pry from Your Cold, Dead Hands Before You Give In to the…

Will it be your gas-guzzling lawn mower or your climate-killing washing machine? Taylor Cormier fills in for Howie

There Was No Ethnic Diversity in Jaws, and That Film Turned Out Fine | 5.29.23 –…

Imagine how many award-winning films wouldn't even be considered under today's current diversity or sexuality

Target’s Scary Connection to Sketchy Gender Group GLSEN | 5.29.23 – Howie Carr…

Taylor Cormier fills in for Howie Carr to discuss the latest demands from gay education regime "GLSEN," which aims

Trump Makes Memorial Day All About Himself | 5.29.23 – Howie Carr Show Hour 1

Taylor Cormier, Howie Carr's executive producer, fills in while he's off for Memorial Day. Speaking of the

Twilight Actress Posts Emotional Video Over Target Removing Pride Section | 5.29.23…

Grace plays an audio clip from Canadian actress Rachelle Leferve that'll make your mouth drop open. The on-screen

Biden and McCarthy Both Declare Victory… David Marcus Reacts | 5.29.23 – Grace…

Grace welcomes columnist David Marcus to the show to discuss the debt ceiling negotiations between Congress and

Lululemon Lunacy: Workers Fired for Calling Police on Robbers | 5.29.23 – Grace…

Grace doesn't want to sacrifice good in the quest for perfection, and Speaker Kevin McCarthy's deal with President

Morning Minute: Best of Brandon – 5.29.23

Sure, Joe Biden took a slide this weekend to head to Camp David, but that doesn't mean we have a shortage of

Chopped Chumps – 5.26.23

Here are the last Chopped Chumps of the week, Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Tune in every weekday at 5:00 every

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