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Chopped Chumps – 7.23.21

Enjoy some extras from the Chumpline! DOWNLOAD

Gain of Fauci – 7.23.21 – Hour 4

Taylor takes over for Howie this hour to talk about "Doctor" Fauci and his history with Gain of Function research.

Police Blotter Fax Friday – 7.23.21 – Hour 3

Howie is joined by Grace to go over the best from your local constabulary in Police Blotter fax Friday! Also Howie

Everything is Being Based of One Number: 335 – Dr. Marty Makary – 7.23.21…

Dr. Marty Makary joins Howie to talk about the government and private policies in the country that are affecting

Woke Sports Teams and the Cult of the Mask – 7.23.21 – Hour 1

Howie talks about the Cleveland baseball team officially changing their name to the Guardians and more mask

Krazy Karens – 7.23.21 – HOUR 3

Grace and Jarred go over this week's Krazy Karens. DOWNLOAD

No Plan to Stop COVID at the Border – Jessica Vaughan – 7.23.21 – HOUR 2

Grace is joined by Jessica Vaughan, Director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies to discuss

Morning Minute – 7.23.21

The threat of masks are back. DOWNLOAD

Chopped Chumps – 7.22.21

Today's Chumps that didn't make the cut. DOWNLOAD