Horrors of the migrant crisis just the beginning

American taxpayer, I ask you, how much do you spend on dry cleaning?

As bad as you think these “migrant shelters” are, chances are they’re even worse.

And that brutal rape of the 15-year-old girl Wednesday night in Rockland will sadly not be the last, as countless hordes of these violent, unvetted criminals continue swarming into what was once a peaceful, law-abiding nation.

The state rep for Rockland is Rep. Dave DeCoste. He’s a Republican, tight with the local cops. I asked him what it’s like for the Rockland PD with the influx of hundreds of unemployed, unemployable, undocumented Democrats.

He sighed and weighed his words carefully.

“They’ve been quite busy over there,” DeCoste finally said.

Just a few months ago, the biggest issue on Hingham Street in Rockland was the upscale pre-K day care center. The locals were worried about the drop-off and pick-up traffic from the Beautiful People residing in Hingham next door.

A First World issue, in other words.

Now the traffic headaches at the Primrose seem like a tiny blip from a lost, golden age. Now Rockland must confront a festering sore of crime and welfare dependency.

Import the Third World, become the Third World.

These “migrant shelters” used to be moderately-priced hotels and motels. Some were fleabags but now they’re worse — they have become flophouses for foreign freeloaders who think they’ve died and gone to heaven.

Everything free in America! It’s not just an old Broadway song anymore.

You’ve heard about the $64 a day per illegal for their three free meals a day, paid for American taxpayers.

How many Americans do you know who can’t afford $64 a week for food, let alone a day?

Here’s a lesser-known freebie for our “newcomers” — same-day dry-cleaning service. Bring your dirty clothes to the lobby by 9 and you have everything back by 5 p.m., folded and placed in a bag with the room number on it.

Cost is around $3.15 per pound, bags usually run 10-20 pounds. The illegals usually use the gringo-provided services maybe three times a week. So we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars a week per “shelter” — just for their same-day dry-cleaning services.

American taxpayer, I ask you, how much do you spend on dry cleaning? Do you get same-day service, not to mention pick-up and delivery, for free?

According to police reports, the rape in Rockland involved a tablet. The state is providing the invaders with free tablets and laptops — supposedly so they can learn English and find work — wink wink nudge nudge.

But some of the vacationing illegals have discovered a different use for their new First World high-tech toys: watching porn.

As Donald Trump said of illegals in 2015, “Some of them are good people, I assume.”

Yes they are, some of them anyway. But Trump was also correct when he said, “They are not sending us their best.”

If they’re not watching porn on their free laptops, many are enjoying it on their free cell phones. In the lobby, or the parking lot, or anywhere. And often they don’t mute the sound.

How much English do you suppose a Haitian or a Venezuelan or a Congolese picks up from watching a porn movie?

Maura Healey’s hacks claim they double-vetted the accused Haitian rapist in Rockland. How do you “vet” somebody from a nation that’s rapidly regressing back into the Stone Age, which describes a lot of these bleep-hole countries in the post-colonial era?

You know, there’s a reason why the Dominican Republic is building stronger and stronger walls on its Haitian border — for the same reason Egypt and Jordan don’t want any “Palestinians” sneaking across their own borders.

Good fences make good neighbors.

At many of these flophouses, the local do-gooders, the church-lady types, initially tried to step up and help with things like clothing-donation rooms and ESL classes. A lot of the volunteers have since thrown up their hands. The word they often use to describe their former charges is, “Rude.”

Many of the staff are immigrants themselves, especially in housekeeping. Even more than native-born Americans, they’re disgusted by the appalling sense of entitlement they see among so many of the illegals.

The general theme is, we work, why don’t they?

This is an invasion, a full-blown catastrophe. I hear about it every afternoon on my radio show, from my audience. This is where I’m getting all these stories. Americans tell me how many local cops refuse to enter the illegals’ rooms, no matter what horrific behavior is going on.

“Whatever it is,” the cops say, shrugging their shoulders, “the judges will just throw it out.”

As Bob Dylan once sang about Mexico, “The cops don’t need you and man they expect the same.” Massachusetts is now Mexico North.

Some of the Haitians have taken to complaining about their $64-a-day free eats. They want “Haitian cuisine.” Remember, most of the ones flopping here fled that dystopia years ago. Many were squatting in Chile when they heard Joe Biden ringing the dinner bell.

Have they heard about the rumored new Haitian cuisine? Cannibalism seems to have replaced voodoo as the next big thing in Port au Prince. The top warlord is named “Barbecue.” He makes Papa Doc and the Tonton Macoute look like the House of Lords.

If you were a bum from the Third World, where would you rather be? In Chile, where you’re expected to work, or in Rockland, where you not only don’t have to work, but you also get everything given to you for free, including porn.

The Commonwealth’s “shelter” policy states no crock pots, air fryers, knives, drugs, alcohol, etc. But the illegals don’t care, because they know they’re not getting kicked out.

Rules? They don’t need no stinkin’ rules. Rules are for the stupid Americanos.

A few months back you could always spot one of these converted hotels by the fact that the old Comfort Inn or Motel 6 sign had been covered up. Another tell-tale sign: the ambulances and police cars with blue lights flashing outside 24/7.

Now, there’s a new way to identify your local no-tell motel has gone Third World — pricey, high-end vehicles in the parking lot.

Since they have no expenses, some illegals are using their DTA handouts as mad money to buy new wheels. Some of the motel lots now look like MSP headquarters on Route 9 in Framingham, there are so many big-bucks new SUV’s.

Think Nissan Pathfinders, Ford Broncos, GMC Acadias, etc.

Many of the females arrived here pregnant, delivered and are now pregnant again. Two anchor babies are better than one. More welfare, and it extends the nine-month stay in the hotel to 12 months (as if any of them are ever planning to leave).

Now more than ever, the inmates are running the asylum.

Rockland is just the canary in the coal mine.

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