$1B wake-up call over migrant mess

Welcome to the Third World.

At the age of 77, House Speaker Ron Mariano has finally figured out that he and the rest of the hackerama are up the proverbial creek, and the illegal aliens have stolen the paddle.

“We are on our own on this, and we realize that now,” he said Wednesday, addressing the illegal-alien crisis decimating the Commonwealth.

“We are looking at a billion-dollar bill for next year in the midst of declining revenues,” he told reporters. “Do you realize what that will do us?”

Yes, most of us do, and perhaps even more significantly, always did realize it. Milton Friedman used to say, you can’t have a welfare state and open borders.

If you still don’t understand what Friedman was saying, go to the Melnea Cass Rec Center, or the old probate courthouse in East Cambridge, or Terminal E at Logan Airport.

Welcome to the Third World.

Here’s another way to look at the continuing catastrophe:

Whatever you tax more, you’ll get less of. (In this case, Americans who work for a living.)

Whatever you throw money at, you’ll get more of.  (In this case, foreign freeloaders.)

So at the very same moment that they were jacking up the state income tax on “millionaires” by 80%, they started offering every free handout on earth to unskilled, non-English speaking natives of the Third World.

Speaker Mariano, it is you and the rest of your hack Democrat minions at the State House who have let this happen, in fact cheered it on as it was destroying one community after another.

And now you’re shocked, shocked.

Mister Speaker, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Didn’t you learn anything from your four most recent predecessors (three indicted and convicted, the fourth an “unindicted coconspirator”)?

“We are talking about a lot of different options,” Mariano said.

How about this option? Start enforcing the immigration laws, which used to keep this nation in good working order when such laws were enforced, and which, by the way, are still on the books.

Here’s another option – we get rid of the anchor-baby provision. How about we again start requiring those seeking “asylum,” i.e., welfare forever, to flop in the first country the undocumented Democrats reach?

And if the Third World hellholes these savage criminals come from refuse to take them back, the way Venezuela is, the US just threatens to cut off all foreign aid to them, and not allow any of them to come here, legal or not.

You know who did exactly that, not so long ago? A guy by the name of Trump.

Instead, the Democrats on Beacon Hill keep showering these illegals with more and more millions in endless handouts. And of course the more lavishly they’re treated, the more of them arrive, not barefoot but pregnant for sure, with their hands out shouting “Mas mas mas!”

Yet at the same time they’re rolling out the welcome mat for illegals, they’re turning the screws on Americans in Milton because they’ve finally figured out that “affordable housing” now means “Third World flophouses.”

Milton today, Dedham tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the towns of the Beautiful People remain totally immune to any of these invasions. Their schools are not being overrun. Their first responders are not overwhelmed by the endless hordes of surly, ungrateful undocumented Democrats.

Here’s another option for Speaker Mariano. Some of your fellow Democrats, like the fake Indian, are all in on a “wealth tax.”

That would mean assessing a certain annual percentage on a person’s fixed assets above a certain number, say, $50 million.

How about this alternative? Instead of the native working classes paying for the non-native working classes’ all-expenses-paid permanent vacation, some of the Commonwealth’s richest, wokest institutions pick up the slack?

Harvard University has an endowment worth more than $50 billion. The usual annual wealth tax rate that’s proposed is 2%.

Easy math – $1 billion.

The way they’re swarming into the state, that should keep the poorhouses in operation for, say, another four to six months.

A few months ago, it was reported that the food contract for the illegal aliens flooding into Taunton was $37 a day per illegal. Now we’re told it’s $64 a day per mendicant.

Meanwhile, assorted news outlets are reporting that Americans are being urged to deal with Biden’s runaway food inflation by eating … cereal for dinner.

What would happen if the illegals in all the Holiday and Comfort Inns and Motels 6 were this evening suddenly delivered a dinner choice of Frosted or Corn Flakes?

Stand by for a class action suit! Legal-aid lawyers, paid for the taxpayers, would be suing the taxpayers, on behalf of people who don’t pay taxes and never will, and aren’t even in the country legally.

What could possibly go wrong?

The hackerama says it’s spending a billion a year (it’s probably a lot more) on 7,500 “families.” That works out to about $150,000 a year in totally free stuff per group of three or four criminals.

How many American families don’t make $150,000 a year – and they must work, pay taxes, and provide for their own and their children’s housing, health insurance, transportation, etc.

No money to fix the MBTA, or the crisis with Steward. There’s no affordable housing in Massachusetts – at least for Americans.

And it’s only going to get worse. I can’t even share with you yet what I’ve heard about what’s going on with young illegals at some of the local hospitals, and we’re paying for it.

And just when you think you’ve heard it all, you read a new headline like the one from New York yesterday:

“Kathy Hochul moves Forward with Plan to Prioritize Illegal Aliens for NY State Jobs.”

To quote Speaker Mariano one more time:

“We are on our own on this, and we realize that now.”

Better late than never, I guess. It’s like a 12-step program – the first thing you have to do is admit you have a problem. So when are they going to apologize to all of us whose country they’re demolishing?

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