It’s a migrant free-for-all

Everything free in America!

It’s not just an old song from “West Side Story” anymore.

“Everything free in America” is now the Democrats’ official government policy – at least if you’re an illegal alien newly arrived here from the Third World for your lifetime all-expenses-paid vacation on the stupid gringos.

The huddled masses have gone from yearning to breathe free to demanding to live free, forever.

And every ISIS terrorist and MS-13 gangbanger swarming into Massachusetts isn’t just grabbing free suites in the flophouses that were once hotels, not to mention the $64 worth of free meals every day that are dominating headlines right now.

The foreign freeloaders are also getting free medical care. And free dental care. All the stuff that costs you an arm and a leg, and keeps you up at night worrying about how you’re going to pay for it going forward.

Illegal aliens have no such problems. Repeat after me: Everything free in America.

You, on the other hand, as a taxpaying, productive US citizen, are expected to take care of yourself. You are responsible for your own health care – which includes traveling to a doctor or dentist’s office, a health clinic, a hospital, a pharmacy.

Occasionally, when you’re trying to get treatment, you end up stuck on hold on the telephone waiting to battle it out with a supercilious insurance-company bureaucrat.

If you’re a military veteran, chances are that more than once you’ve gotten ensnared in red tape, or gotten a run-around, from the Veterans Administration.

Many Americans suffer through rotten jobs, or continue working long after the usual retirement age, just to keep decent health insurance for as long as they can.

And even if you somehow manage not to lose your health insurance, you’re always nervous about your employer suddenly changing providers, reducing coverage, nickel and diming you, increasing the co-pays etc.

But if you’re an illegal alien…. the health-care professionals come to you!

Marlborough, MA – People use a mobile health clinic to receive medical care outside a migrant shelter. (Nancy Lane/Boston Herald)

Because everything free in America!

These photos were taken Wednesday at the Holiday Inn in Marlboro. The truck from the UMass Memorial Health Care arrives every week, and it’s open from 9 to 2:30.

As long as you’re an illegal alien.

For years, I’ve been saying, “I ask for no special favors. Just treat me like an illegal alien.”

That was a joke, sort of. Now it’s absolutely true.

So many questions about this hand-out: Why do all these “migrants” seem to be wearing better clothes, complete with brand-new sneakers and warm winter jackets, than the average working-class American who’s paying for the illegals’ free stuff?

Why does the sign even include anything in English – “Medical and Dental Service Here Today” – as if any of the indigents can read those words.

In addition to the required Spanish, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to welcome the “migrants” in Haitian-Creole, Chinese, Arabic, Swahili etc.?

The mobile clinic was busy all day. (Nancy Lane/Boston Herald)

Another question: if you’re a virtue-signaling trust-funder living in a $5 million mansion in Brookline or Dover and you take in a family of next-generation Tsarnaev terrorists, will the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile visit your gated estate, too?

And does that “Hate Has No Home Here” sign in your front yard entitle you to free physicals, CAT scans and prescriptions for unlimited Class B controlled substances?

I do know one thing. Providing free everything for millions of surly drifters from the Third World is getting expensive. Last July, I wrote about the food contract for the Biden-Healey flophouse in Taunton. Then the three meals a day cost $37 a day for each undocumented Democrat.

Now, seven months later, the new food contracts are costing $64 a day. Even by Bidenomics standards, that’s ridiculous.

New Englanders aren’t the only ones noticing how the Democrats are trying to destroy America. In Chicago this week, a City Council hearing went out of control as angry Americans demanded an end to Barack Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.

Here’s what one woman (of color) said:

“All this asylum-seeking lie, all this about ‘refugees.’ No, no, no! What’s happening is they’re emptying out the dregs of their jails to the United States and into our communities, junking up our country.”

There was another story out of Chicago yesterday, that some of the Venezuelan thugs strangling straphangers on the CTA now say they want to get deported back to Caracas. They told cops they’d rather be living in their native Third World hellhole rather than in their adopted Third World hellhole, the United States of America.

One illegal thug was quoted as saying he would “do whatever it takes” to get out of Chicago.

Massachusetts should only be so fortunate with our illegals. But nobody’s leaving here. Why should they?

Everything free in America!

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