Too many white guys, Charlie Baker?

The scandals just keep piling up for Tall Deval – now the administration of Gov. Charlie Baker stands accused publicly of fostering a “white supremacy culture” in state government.

The accuser? The governor’s own administration.

It’s all right there on the state’s website – or was, until I inquired about it Friday. The accusation of “white supremacy” in the Baker
administration is included in a job posting by the very ethical Department of Public Health, which is of course the longtime employer of crooked jailbird state chemists Sonja Farak and Annie Dookhan.

The DPH has railroaded more people into prison on fabricated evidence than the Boston office of the FBI – by a factor of at least 10,000. Just read the decision by the Supreme Judicial Court last week – and defense lawyers are still trying to throw out another 11,000 fraudulent DPH-engineered drug convictions.

Anyway, the DPH just listed an opening for a newly created position – “racial equity coordinator.”

The final item in the “Detailed Statement of Duties and Responsibilities”:

“Support efforts to understand the impact of white supremacy culture on the DPH workplace and identify and implement strategies to counter this culture.”

You don’t say, Tall Deval? You’ve been governor for four years now, and yet you’ve done nothing about this “white supremacy culture.” I must inform President Trump and Kanye West of these shocking allegations… by your own administration!

Needless to say, I wanted to know more about this “white supremacy culture” at the DPH. So I reached out to the somnambulant hacks at the DPH.

Foolish me, I always thought the biggest problem at the DPH was framing all those thousands of people with fake drug evidence – like, for instance, the guy who went to prison for 18 months selling a cashew to an undercover cop, which the crooked DPH analyzed as a rock of crack cocaine.

(Which is why the DPH no longer handles criminal drug tests – the Mass State Police likes to do its crooked business with a less sloppy group of drug addicts and perjurers than the DPH was hiring. That’s why the troopers hired their own drug-dealing, drug-addled cops like Leigha Genduso.)

At 6:17 Friday night, a $91,000-a-year DPH hack named Ann Scales responded to my inquiry about the charges by the Baker administration of endemic racism in the Baker administration.

“That phrase should not have been used in the context of that job description and the posting has since been updated.”

Updated indeed. In other words, they deleted it. It had been up there since September, and none of these worthless Baker hacks even noticed that they’d indicted themselves in a public job posting.

(Scales by the way used to be a “reporter” for the Boston Globe before its descent into irrelevance, oblivion and red ink. How appropriate that she end her career, such as it was, at the DPH – which is to state government what the Globe was to journalism, a sorry cesspool of corruption, fabrications and falsehoods.)

Do you know what the toughest IT job in state government is – “updater.” Just Thursday, the updating department had to “update” the list of the governor’s mayoral endorsements, to update the indicted Fall River mayor into the deleted file.

Many questions about the DPH remain, however. For instance, what exactly is the difference at the DPH between the “racial equity coordinator,” (which will pay between $55,000 and $78,000) and the already existing job of “diversity officer,” held by one Nahomi Carlisle for $69,231 a year.

Does the diversity officer outrank the racial equity coordinator, or vice versa?

One thing, however, I am sure of. When the first blizzard strikes next winter, both the diversity officer and the racial equity coordinator will be deemed… non-essential, er non-emergency, and told to take the day off.

But hey, you can fight the white supremacy culture from home, right?

In the meantime, I’m going to take a closer look at the state website’s other job postings. Who knows what else is out there?

Is it possible that Massport is posting for a Non-Groping Airline Equity Coordinator, to ascertain whether any accused groper at Logan Airport is related to a powerful state politician before deciding how quickly the case can be broomed?

Do the State Police now have an Embezzling Equity Coordinator, to tell the new recruits that the MSP motto – “To Protect and Steal” – that’s a joke, guys. Okay? A joke! You’re not to supposed to take it literally.

Is the State Senate going to hire a date-rape-drug equity coordinator – senators, your boy toys are not supposed to drug other solons, or anybody else for that matter, and then take photos of them passed out and naked to send all around Beacon Hill.

One final thought: what would be Tall Deval’s reaction if he learned that President Trump’s administration had admitted publicly to fostering a “white supremacy culture?”

I’m guessing Tall Deval would be very… disappointed.

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