The Moment is Too Big for Biden

What is the Biden administration’s latest “existential” threat to humanity today?

Is it the weather?

Or is it tradesmen in F-150 pickup trucks wearing red MAGA hats?

Is it gas stoves, or the genocidal decision by the Supreme Court to force deadbeat hippies to start repaying their student loans?

Or is it “traditional” Catholics going to a Latin Mass? Or the refusal of some Americans to follow CDC orders to wear a mask out in public?

Or is the greatest crisis facing the planet this news cycle angry parents complaining to their local school committees about transgender recruiting of kindergarten kids in the public schools?

These are some of the non-issues that the Democrats have been trying to gin up their shiftless base with since January 2021, while simultaneously funneling billions of dollars in armaments and cash to Muslim terrorist states since ousting Donald J. Trump from the White House.

Elections have consequences, and stolen elections….

The audacity of this mob of appeasers and fellow travelers is astounding.

All the Democrats and their fellow travelers holding up swastikas in midtown Manhattan and chanting “Gas the Jews!” in Sydney and issuing snide statements in Harvard Square have been calling us “Nazis.”

These are the same people who put up the banners screaming Black Lives Matter everywhere from wooden churches to Fenway Park.

Black Lives Matter. But apparently not Jewish lives.

The Muslim terrorists actually slaughter innocents, and Democrats in Congress stampede out to defend them, or at least alibi for them. Yet if you mention that George Soros’ insane local prosecutors are getting Americans murdered, you are branded an… “anti-Semite.”

The terrorists actually slaughter innocents, who in this case happen to be Jewish. And Democrats in Congress (at least one of them a refugees from a failed Muslim terror state) stampeded out to defend their bloodthirsty coreligionists, or at least alibi for them.

Yet if one of us should mention that George Soros’ insane local prosecutors are getting Americans murdered, you are instantly branded an anti-Semite.

What Hamas has done is so unthinkable, and yet, so predictable with Joe Biden, the most corrupt president in US history, in the White House.

Even if tens of millions of American voters didn’t, Bloodthirsty Muslim monster Osama bin Laden understood perfectly how what a Joe Biden presidency would mean.

In May 2010, bin Laden wrote a long letter to one of his al Qaeda subordinates, ordering him to take out then president Barack Obama. As wonderful as Obama was for the demonic forces of Islamic terrorism, Biden would be even better, Osama told his minion.

“Biden is totally unprepared for the post,” Obama said, “which will lead the U.S. into a crisis.”

And here we are, 13 years later.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a crisis if the United States still had a functioning government. In 1973, during the Yom Kippur War, Richard Nixon was already reeling from Watergate. But he still managed a giant airlift of military equipment to the beleaguered Israelis.

One of the first tweets from Biden’s comrades said, “We urge all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks.”

Too late! The next day Antony Blinken said he was pushing “Turkey’s advocacy for a cease-fire.”

A ceasefire! As the Babylon Bee noted, the Japanese probably would have liked a ceasefire too… right after they bombed Pearl Harbor.

Once again, vaunted Western “intelligence” got caught flat-footed, and not just the Mossad. How about the CIA? I guess they were probably too busy putting together another open letter saying they still think Hunter Biden’s laptop is “Russian disinformation.”

And the FBI may well still be too busy having its “special” agents taking down license plate numbers at local school board meetings, or breaking down the doors of a pro-life father of seven who defended his son from an ancient Bernie bro outside an abortion clinic?

Or maybe they’re still trying to follow up their latest tip from Hillary Clinton about the “pee tape,” or about that $11 billion bribe her lying operatives claimed the Russians offered Carter Page.

Very few Americans have seen the Democrat holding up a cell-phone image of a swastika near the United Nations on Sunday afternoon. Imagine, though, if someone had been waving the Nazi symbol around at a Trump rally.

You think state-run media would be giving it a good leaving-alone then?

And here’s the thing. If you saw the swastika at a Trump rally, you’d naturally assume that was being brandished by a fed, a false flag. After all, Jan. 6 isn’t called a “fedsurrection” for nothing. Paging Ray Epps, who got a teeny-weeny slap on the wrist from the same Obama judge who gave a wet kiss to the crooked FBI hack who made up the CIA memo that was used to frame Carter Page.

This is what the feds do now. They don’t care about terrorists. They target Americans. They took a knee for BLM. They sat on Hunter Biden’s laptop for 10 months, and then tried to run out the statute-of-limitations clock on all his felonies.

Meanwhile, even fewer Americans have ever heard of Robert Malley, the former special envoy to Iran, who was recently suspended from his job for “mishandling classified material.”

The scandal was bad before the weekend, how Malley (a school classmate of Antony Blinken’s not in the US, but Paris) collaborated with the Iranians. Now it could, as Rep. Darrell Issa of California said Monday, “the worst State Department scandal since Alger Hiss.”

And Malley’s top aide still works at the Pentagon. What could possibly go wrong?

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s FBI is on the case. Some nuns are having a weekend retreat somewhere, or so says a CHS. Trump will be holding a rally.

Forget Hamas and Gaza. Get the deplorables! First things first.

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