Howie’s Homework [May 3, 2024]

Be sure to check out this week’s episode of Meet the Experts featuring Dr. Nooristani of Balance 7.

Kristi Noem falsely claims she met Kim Jong Un in new book | CAITLIN DOORNBOS – The New York Post

Portland State U Encampment Is Cleared Out and What the Police Found Was Disgusting | NICK ARAMA – RedState

JD Vance Schools CNN on ‘Bogus’ Case Against Trump | REBECCA DOWNS – Townhall

How a Black Man Reacted When a White Pro-Hamas Supporter Told Him He Couldn’t Walk Around UCLA | MATT VESPA – Townhall

Rules for Campus Radicals, 2024 | THE EDITORIAL BOARD – The Wall Street Journal

Cotton: Students Who Committed Crimes Should Be Ineligible for Loan Bailout | IAN HANCHETTT – Breitbart

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