The dumb Bidenisms are getting worse

He’s getting worse.

I know, Dementia Joe was never the sharpest knife in the drawer, and his below-average mind has been gone for a long, long time now.

But he’s getting worse by the day. His mental acuity is falling faster than his poll numbers, and that’s saying a lot, considering he’s now down double digits to Trump in at least one national poll.

Late Friday afternoon, just when I thought I had more than enough Greatest Hits for this column, he doddered up to the White House microphones again. All dialogue guaranteed verbatim:

“I congratulate Presidential Freedom of Medal recipients.”

Then he introduced to introduce somebody from Delaware:

“She’s not only, she’s not only the only person receiving this medal she’s a uh she is a uh you know uh it’s not the reason she’s getting it is just because she’s from Delaware….”

Dementia Joe has had his hands full with foreign affairs of late. As you know, he’s laid down the law to Israel about how they’re not to go after the Nazis in Gaza:

“And I made it clear to the Israelis – don’t move on Haifa.”

Can we quote you on that, Mr. President? Haifa is part of Israel.

He was pleased about Congress’ vote to write yet another multi-billion-dollar no-strings-attached check to certain corrupt oligarchs in Ukraine who need more money from their yachts, Swiss ski chalets and villas on the French Riviera.

The trench warfare in eastern Ukraine is reportedly brutal, but apparently the troops have one modern amenity – cable television.

“There were reports of cheers breaking out in the trenches of Ukraine… cheering as they watched the House vote in support for Ukraine.”

Who knew C-SPAN’s Gavel-to-Gavel coverage was available on the front lines?

Then there were the usual Freudian slips, often about Trump,as usual.

“In a sense, I don’t know why he’s — we’re surprised by Trump. How many times does he have to prove we can’t be trusted?”

A lot of us have been asking ourselves that same question for years now. Maybe even more Americans could figure out that by your admission, you can’t be trusted, if state-run media would just tell the truth about your record.

Not that Brandon ever stops lying. One of his perennial whoppers, which is never ever “fact-checked,” is how much he’s “cut” the debt, or deficit or whatever word he’s using on his day trip from the nursing home.

Here’s a recent headline from CNBC, which is state-run media:

“The US national debt is rising by about $1 trillion every 100 days.”

In other words, the debt is going up at the rate of $10 billion – a day!

But Dementia Joe begs to disagree, or should I say, lie:

“I cut the national debt so far and still got all those other things did.”

In fact, the debt is up 9.8 percent in a single year, more than $3 trillion to almost $35 trillion. And the pace of fiscal suicide is getting faster. The Weimar Republic, Zimbabwe and Juan Peron’s Argentina could not be reached for comment.

But at every stop, he screws around with not just fuzzy math, but stupid math.

“Guess what – we’ve cut the budget by a lot of money, $172 billion so far. So don’t tell me it can’t be done.”

It can’t be done, Brandon. At least not by you and your corrupt, inept minions.

The Daily Caller last week added up the recent corrections on the official White House transcripts. From Jan. 1 through April 124, the number was 148, and that doesn’t even include the small adjustments that didn’t really change the meaning.

There were 13 corrections in the State of the Union address alone, including, “The threat to democracy must be defended.” (He meant defeated – they think.)

Another one: “I’ve always believed we’ve got it all wrong.” Again, a seeming Freudian slip? The “we’ve” was crossed out and replaced with “they’ve.”

He mentioned the astonishing numbers of Americans vaccinated during the Panic – 720 million, he said. Which is more than twice the entire population of the country.

You know how Biden claimed his uncle was eaten by cannibals in May 1944. It got even worse from there. He then went on to say that his four uncles, including the victim of the cannibals, had all enlisted the day after D-Day – which was June 6, 1944.

In other words, Biden was saying that his dead uncle had enlisted – or reenlisted? – a month after he was eaten by cannibals.

Biden has also taken to basically suggesting that he’s a union guy, unlike Trump. The proof, he says, is that he has a pair of work boots.

For the record, not only has Biden never been in a union, he’s also never done an honest day’s work in his entire life.

When Biden addresses gatherings of labor bosses, he always refers to “us.” Us?

This is right up there with recent lies that he’s the first guy in his family to go to college, except that he also tells everybody about his “grandpop” who was an All-American at Santa Clara.

This one comes right from the White House’s official transcript of his remarks to a gathering of pinky-ring thugs:

“I’m proud to be with you. All my – my relatives, my grandpop and everybody else up in – were –they’re all gone now, but in Scranton, they – my – I had an uncle who used to say, ‘Joey, you’re belt buckle to shoe shoal union.”

Shoe shoal? Not a joke! Not a joke! I really mean it!  

More of Brandon’s recent Greatest Hits:

“My mom didn’t live in Scranton since she was 1954.”

“I’m Pittsburgh uh and uh because of and I really mean it!”

“My dad said it matters what’s there at the end of the of the paycheck but a month is out to have anything left.”

“Instead of importing foreign products I’m exporting their products.”

“You know, remember those 40 Fortune 500 companies uh, those Fortune 500 companies, 40 of ‘em, I think no it was 50 who didn’t pay a single penny in taxes, made 40 billion dollars, 4 billion, 40 billion dollars….”

“But folks, despite the over-realming devastation.”

“Don’t mess with the mimmon of America.”

“And roll back clear air – uh, protections for clear air….”

That’s it for today. I really mean it. Not a joke.

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