Healey Illegal Alien Crisis an Historic Failure

Even NBC says so.

It’s historic!

According to NBC News, Massachusetts has placed an “historic limit on families seeking homeless shelter.” Their headline does not signify stupidity. It is journalistic malpractice!

Polling data from even liberal firms shows that voters are angry about the illegal immigration influx and the catastrophes it is creating in its wake – all of which could have been prevented if Biden had only continued former President Trump’s “Remain-in-Mexico” policies.

If it ain’t broke, Brandon, don’t fix it.

Taxpayers don’t want to be paying billions upon billions of their hard-earned dollars for hotel and restaurant bills, not to mention free health care, for unskilled Third World criminals who are not legally in our country. The latest Mass Inc. poll shows that the electorate supports amending the right to shelter law so that it only applies to legal residents. 

Of course, Beacon Hill will not listen to law-abiding Americans who work for a living and pay taxes. They have dug in their feet to oppose the halt-the-handouts amendment. Last week, the Democrats in the legislature even voted against putting homeless veterans to the top of the list for getting emergency shelter. 

Knowing that voters are angry, Beacon Hill passed a phony nine-month limit for emergency-shelter stays. They recall how resoundingly the GOP’s Peter Durant defeated Rep. Jonathan Zlotnik last November in a special election for a vacant state senate seat, so they need cover for the upcoming elections.

NBC News has now helpfully provided the headline they wanted to scam their voters with!

There is nothing “historic” about this cap. The state of New York limits stays for vacationing foreign freeloaders to two months!  We are funding hotel rooms for an additional seven months if you actually believe there is a cap.

There are numerous loopholes, so next week we will not see a mass exodus from the Clarion hotel in Taunton, the Comfort Inn in Kingston, the old probate courthouse in East Cambridge or anywhere else. 

What we will see is Rep. Dylan Fernandes (D-Falmouth), who is running for the open Senate seat now held by retiring Sen. Susan Moran, claim that he cast a humanitarian vote to limit their stays.

This Healey-endorsed candidate will use this headline to try to fool voters.

Cape Democrat incumbents like Sen. Julian Cyr and Rep. Kip Diggs, who are facing major challenges in November, will also attempt to hide behind this headline. 

My plan is to ask and keep asking under the Public Records Law for the counts in the hotels and those participating in the emergency-shelter law. I am betting that the number continues to grow because Massachusetts is still offering the most handouts of any state in the Union.

And the Democrats at the State House adamantly refuse to amend the Right to Shelter law. 

So while these illegal-alien-coddling Democrat pols can run, they cannot hide from this unimaginable calamity that they have created.

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