A Merry Christmas to a confused President Biden

Dementia Joe Biden is grabbing some well-deserved r&r this Christmas, so it’s a good time to check in with some of his recent pronouncements.

As always, all dialogue guaranteed verbatim.

In recent public statements, the nominal leader of the Free World has denounced “Congressman Trump” and lauded “President Harris.” He has mentioned the leader of Canada – “Prime Minister Joe.”

He saluted the famous singer, “Diane Warwick,” whose iconic songs include what Joe called “Do you know the way to Jose to San Jose?”

Just before Thanksgiving, he presided over the annual pardoning of the two turkeys. Usually it’s an amusing, light-hearted event. This year it was just plain sad:

“Even though Liberty and Bell are from Minnesota they’re named for the famous Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.”

Philadelphia and Pennsylvania – may we quote you on that, Mr. President?

The fact checkers in state-run media who got so much overtime when Trump was president have been MIA again these last few weeks. Biden claimed he was “raised by Danny Inouye – you think I’m joking?”

No, we think you’re senile.

Biden said that until he became president he’d never made more than $400,000 a year. In fact, in 2017, he reported income of $11.1 million. In 2018, he pocketed $4.6 million.

But Joe’s pom-pom waving cheerleaders in state-run media said (or didn’t say) in unison:

Nothing to see here, folks, move along…

Biden claimed he never played lacrosse in high school because he had to “choose” between football and lacrosse, and he picked football. Um, football is a fall sport and lacrosse is a spring sport. And by the way, Biden’s high school didn’t even have a lacrosse program until 1993.

At the White House, Biden told a Jewish group that it had been 65 days since the Oct. 7 massacre, only he said “65 years.” Twice.

At that same event, Biden confused the White House with a hotel.

“There’s a Menorah on display in this hotel – this house – the White House – the people’s house.”

At a joint press conference with President Zelensky of Ukraine, he instructed the servile White House press corps on how he and the Ukrainian strongman would “answer “questions, except that he got mixed up and said “ask:”

“We’re gonna alternate asking questions we’re gonna ask a total of each ask two questions. I will ask the first question.”

This week Biden bragged about his attempts to cancel student-loan debt for millions of shiftless, tattooed hippies who majored in queer studies at their local community colleges.

“I still got 136 million people’s debt relieved.”

No Joe, that’s not even close. That’s more than three times the number of deadbeats who are still on the hook to the taxpayers for that dough. A few Democrat deadbeats may have been “relieved,” but nowhere near 136 million.

Numbers – Joe is a numbers guy. Earlier this month, he bragged about his “investments” in… Democrat pork.

“Over a billion three hundred million trillion hundred million dollars!”

He also said, “I personally spent countless hours and I mean it probably up to 20 hours.”

Joe can identify with Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Sixpack because he speaks their language, uses their colloquialisms.

In Milwaukee this week, he told a black group:

“I come from a state that has the eighth largest black population in the country, and as they say the saying goes where I come from, you brung me to the dance early on.”

Funny, I thought the expression was either “You dance with the one that brung ya,” or maybe, “You go home with the one what brung ya.”

But then, I’m not from Delaware or Pennsylvania or Hawaii – that’s where Danny Inouye was from, and Inouye raised him, remember?

Biden can empathize with the pain his fellow citizens feel. Listen to this touching story Biden recounted about the fentanyl epidemic that has gotten so much worse since he was installed as president in 2021.

“I know two people near where I live, their kids literally as I said, they woke up dead.”

They woke up dead? Say it ain’t so, Joe! He elaborated, sort of:

“Some of that inserted in where the young man did or not inserted in uh uh drug he was taking fentanyl.”

Here are few more of Brandon’s Greatest Hits, Christmas 2023 edition:

“So we’re back to direct open clear direct communications on a direct basis.”

“This is a fundamental break from trickle-down economics economics that supercharged my my uh my uh was supercharged by my predecessor.”

“In New York City you can walk a few blocks and you can circle the earth in just a few blocks. Eight million people of every background and most the most alive city probably in America and that’s just one guy who makes everyone stop and laugh Billy Crystal.”

“Benefits – average benefit it would be 13 percent for people for for by 13 percent those that we can cut.”

“We’re not importing jobs. Folks, we’re not importing anything other than what we make.”

“We are prepared to stay with us, stay with Ukraine.”

“By the way I it’s my birthday today and they can actually sang Birthday to me.”

“I have repeatedly made clear from our first day in office we also need Ukraine to make changes to fix the broken immigration system here.”

“And all the studies show by the way people get from point A to point B faster on a train than their car they take the train they take the train.”

“The flame of faith that endures from tragedy to persecution to survival and to hope that’s what it that’s what it survives to to survival and hope.”

“From the middle out and the bottom up not the top down not a whole lot trickled down on my dad’s kitchen table with the top down economy but when you middle build increase the middle class….”

“Since Kamala and I entered office America has filed a record number of in less than three years 15 million new job app app new applications to start new businesses 15 million.”

With any luck, this nightmare will be over in a little over a year.

Merry Christmas.

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