Healey’s spooky billion-dollar supplemental budget

They are never going back. Why would they? They’re all being handed free, lifetime vacations.

This column is scarier than Halloween.

How much more can illegal immigration cost the taxpayers of Massachusetts?

Before the 2023 invasion, it was estimated that there were 225,000 illegal aliens living in Massachusetts costing us an estimated $2 billion for all their welfare — EBT cards, direct cash payments, free housing, free health care, free education, etc. Those figures don’t include in-state tuition breaks – what amounts to free tuition since so few of them work, or at least pay taxes. Gov. Deval Patrick gave them the foreign freeloaders that handout via an executive order.

Last winter, the legislature approved a supplemental budget containing $400 million to give free housing to more illegal aliens who don’t work. 

In June, Gov. Maura Healey hired more staff for the Registry of Motor Vehicles. She did not hire these people to help legal residents to obtain the Real ID. She hired them to help the invading hordes to get their licenses.

Worse yet, there are reports that the Registry is making the driving tests a complete joke so none of them fail. So much for licenses being a way to make our roads safer. How much is that costing us?  Who knows? Healey has decided to keep everything Registry-related secret. 

In July, the legislature passed the annual budget making permanent in-state tuition breaks for illegals allowing them access to college loans. Do you think people who are illegally in our country are going to pay back these loans (or pay for anything else, for that matter)? 

Now Gov. Healey has filed another supplemental budget. This time the price tag is $2 billion! It will cover not only housing, but also an additional $200 million for lawyers for illegal immigrants. But the news gets even better for Healey’s undocumented Democrats.

Instead of repealing the right-to-settle law that entitles illegal immigrants to free housing, Healey capped the coverage at 7500. No, she did not get religion on illegal immigration.

She has now made the Commonwealth vulnerable to lawsuits. As predicted by Rep. Peter Durant, Lawyers for Civil Rights filed their first complaint with the courts on Friday. So, with Healey’s supplemental budget, we get to pay for both sides of the lawsuits.

If that is not bad enough, Healey is now qualifying illegals for the HomeBase program that will give the so-called newcomer families $15,000 per year to put towards renting an apartment and buying furnishings.

They are never going back. Why would they? They’re all being handed free, lifetime vacations – and they don’t even have to pretend to be earning their own way.

The only people leaving this state are the taxpayers at a rate of 1100 per week.

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