Andrew Cuomo goes creeping out the door

Barney Frank used to say that any politician’s core constituency wasn’t the people who were with you when you were right, but the people who are with you when you’re wrong.

Barney Frank used to say that any politician’s core constituency wasn’t the people who were with you when you were right, but the people who are with you when you’re wrong.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Tuesday realized he’d even lost the people who were with him when he was wrong.

And now, let’s get on with the business at hand.

First, we restore the real name of the big New York State Thruway bridge over the Hudson – the Tappan Zee.

Second, Chris “Fredo” Cuomo: you’re fired too!

Just yesterday, Andrew Cuomo was the toast of the town. Now, he’s just plain toast.

Does he now have to give back his $5.1 million advance for his failed pat-on-the-back book? Just nine months ago, he was collecting the International Emmy Founders Award for his lying daily press conferences.

A mere eight months ago, he accepted “the Edward M. Kennedy Institute Award for Inspired Leadership.”

Now maybe his erstwhile in-laws can give him the award for “expired leadership.”

Actually, given how many thousands died in New York nursing home because of his calamitous policies, the award named after his blood-stained late uncle-in-law makes sense.

I figured Cuomo would eventually resign before he was thrown out. Politically, he was gut shot, just like Nixon almost exactly 47 years ago.

He’ll be gone in two weeks — 14 days to flatten the curve, I mean perv.

But I thought he’d hang in a few weeks longer. Tuesday morning, before he fell on his sword (or was pushed, by Fredo, whose own $6 million salary is in jeopardy), he sent his lawyer out with a PowerPoint presentation, including such phrases as “Gov. Cuomo Did Not Grope …”

Among other things, Rita Glavin tried to explain his groping of the female state trooper, in front of witnesses, by saying he “touched her logo.”

Logo? Is that the new euphemism for breast? Was he touching the logo of any of the male members of his security detail?

She also said that at one point, her client “was working a grope line.”

No kidding, Rita, that’s why he’s getting the bum’s rush out of Albany. For working the grope line.

Then she admitted that he did like to “banter,” asking such questions as “ ‘Are you married?’ ‘Are you dating somebody?’ That’s something Sen. Schumer does with his staff.”

As dreadful as Chuck Schumer is, how the hell did he get dragged into Cuomo’s nightmare? Why didn’t she mention that appalling as these stories were, they paled in comparison to the depredations of other N.Y. Democrats like Eliot “Client No. 9” Spitzer, Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner and Eric “Brown Slave” Schneiderman.

Then Glavin started whining about the new attorney general’s report, how in some footnote at the bottom of page 127, the AG hadn’t mentioned that Cuomo’s office had turned over the information.

All her complaints weren’t about the substance, they were about loopholes, technicalities. It was like she was reading from a legal brief, an appeal … for a client who had been convicted and sentenced, and was already locked up.

Then it was Cuomo’s turn to talk about, not sexual harassment, but about “gender-based actions.” Cuomo basically said he didn’t know what he was doing. It was the old sleepwalking defense.

Then Cuomo said he was sorry. As Loretta Lynn sang at Conway Twitty so long ago: “Don’t tell me you’re sorry, I know how sorry you are.”

He appealed to due process. Brett Kavanaugh was no doubt amused. He talked about how politics has become “too often driven by the extremes” — this from a guy who basically told pro-lifers and those who believe in the Second Amendment to get out of town by sundown.

Now he’s appalled that “Twitter has become the public square.” Somehow he didn’t care, though, until the Twitter mob came for him. Too bad he didn’t study his history — Robespierre and Trotsky could have told how hubris always turns out in the end.

On his way out the door, one step ahead of the woke posse, Cuomo took bows for, among many, many other things, gay rights. This, from the guy who as a kid came up with the rhyming slogan for his father’s first campaign for governor against NYC Mayor Ed Koch, a confirmed bachelor:

“Vote for Cuomo, Not the….”

Now he doesn’t even have a home to go to. He owns no real estate, much like the Clintons when they left office in 2001. But I don’t see a Cuomo Foundation in the cards for Andy.

Did you realize that he had 65 state troopers on his security detail? Me neither. Another old country song comes to mind:

“For better or for worse, but not for long.”

One final question:

Who could have ever imagined that Andrew Cuomo would be thrown out of office before Gavin Newsom?

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