Warren Won’t Walk the Walk But Wants Another Six Years

Someone throw Massachusetts a lifeline! Our fake Indian Senator, Elizabeth Warren, is going to run for a third term. She needs another six years to sell more books.

Guess what Warren is promising for the future? She is not going to balance the budget, cut spending, secure our borders, end inflation or obtain the funding for the Cape Cod bridges.

The Senator who speaks with forked tongue wants what she terms a wealth tax, on such unsold (and probably not even for sale) assets as real estate, equities, art work, jewelry etc. 

Warren used to say that “millionaires and billionaires did not pay their fair share.”  Now that she is worth well over $12 million, like Bernie Sanders the fake Indian has dropped millionaire from her pet phrase. So it is unlikely that this wealth tax will apply to her.

Like everyone, she doesn’t want to pay more. That’s why Warren doesn’t take the option to pay extra income taxes in the Commonwealth. It might also be the reason she failed to pay her auto excise taxes in the city of Cambridge.

By the way, another of the fake Indian’s recent bright ideas is a proposal to guarantee all bank deposits, for everybody, not just depositors with less than $250,000.

So on the one hand she wants to impose a likely unconstitutional “wealth tax,” while simultaneously extra-legally guaranteeing the billionaires’ bank deposits, up to infinity apparently, to be paid for by those who are paying their “fair share” and are being “hammered,” to use another of her pet phrases, by the same greedy plutocrats she wants to make sure don’t lose a dime when theie next woke ESG-worshipping bank goes under.

Does any of this make any sense? 

Why doesn’t Warren’s wealth tax target tenured professors who got their cushy jobs through racial fraud and now only teach one class for $350,000 while grabbing interest free housing loans for their mansions just outside Harvard Square?

If we tax the professors, then that money should go to pay off the costs for the deadbeat hippies’ free tuition. Wouldn’t that be fair?

Or maybe Warren could subject Senators who earn $174,000 and receive $3.2 million advances for writing books in their spare time to her special new “wealth” tax.

How about taxing campaign war chests with over $2 million?

That won’t happen, because as we all know Warren is a complete hypocrite. Her rhetoric never matches her self-serving actions. What most Massachusetts taxpayers don’t know is that Warren doesn’t even pay her fair share in property taxes.

The city of Cambridge doles out huge property tax breaks for people who live in their homes. Warren claims her $3-million Cambridge mansion as her primary residence, which entitles her to a big property tax break. That means she is not paying her fair share on the costs for education, public safety, etc. 

So how does Cambridge make up for this revenue loss? Cambridge is one of the communities that gets the most local aid from the state. That means while you and I are paying our fair share in property taxes, we are also paying state taxes so that aid can be sent to Cambridge. We are supplementing the money for Warren’s unpaid property taxes. 

Warren’s motto: do as I say not as I do. 

But there is some good news. Polling data shows that almost half of Massachusetts voters don’t want her to run for re-election next year at age 75. Could there still be some sanity left in the Commonwealth?

Now all we have to do is find a serious candidate this time. 

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