Those who push ‘millionaires tax’ don’t volunteer extra funds on state forms

Ever wonder how many of those clamoring for a “millionaires’ tax” in Massachusetts are themselves willing to pay a few more bucks as their “fair share?”

The answer is, practically none — less than one-twentieth of one percent of Massachusetts taxpayers are voluntarily paying more for… the children… or the infrastructure… or something.

I know this because of that special box on state income tax forms. Checking this box allows the millions of Social Justice Warriors here in Massachusetts to reject paying the 5.1 percent rate favored by evil deplorables, irredeemables, bitter clingers and other assorted Trump voters.

How satisfying it must be for the “woke” among us to virtue-signal by voluntarily paying at the old Dukakis-era rate of 5.85 percent!

Considering recent election returns here, not to mention postings on social media, one would expect that at least two-thirds of the state’s filers would eagerly part with more of their hard-earned wages– er, strike that, Your Honor – I meant to say, the dividends from their trust funds or, if they’re illegal aliens, their welfare handouts.

Surely these Democrats who endlessly talk the CNN/MSNBC talk would gladly walk the walk.

Actually no, they would not.

According to the state Department of Revenue’s most recent numbers, as of March 31, 2,027,928 income tax returns had been filed in the state, and exactly 894 taxpayers had opted to pay at Dukakis’ old 5.85 percent rate.

The added revenue to the state from those 894 generous souls came to, drumroll please, $121,361. By my calculations, which may be what George W. Bush would call “fuzzy math,” that means the average liberal who wants to pay higher taxes averages somewhere under $20,000 in annual income.

In other words, Abigail Johnson and Bob Kraft, among so many others, are most assuredly not checking the box.

How often do you read about how the “Resistance” is rising in righteous wrath against Trump? We are told by the alt-left media that politicians are proudly embracing the label of “Socialist.” Pablum-puking liberal Democrat incumbents face primary challengers from even further left.

Yet paradoxically, none of the woke community want to pay their, dare I say it, fair share.

And those penurious numbers haven’t budged since their hero, Barack Obama, who as we all know never once squandered a tax dollar, vacated the White House.

Last year, of 3,642,896 filers, a mere 1619 opted to pay more money for the care and feeding of Sen. and Mr. Stanley Rosenberg et al. Two years ago, in the waning months of the Obama junta, the comparable numbers were 3,783,209 and 1663.

What seems to be the problem here, moonbats? How come you want people who work for a living to pay more, but those of you in the non-working classes refuse to pony up?

Remember the old saying: “Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax that fellow behind the tree.”

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, if you have a real job, you’re the fellow behind the tree – that’s why the hackerama has put the so-called “millionaires’ tax” on the ballot this fall. If passed by the dumbed-down electorate of Massachusetts, a graduated income tax would be imposed on the Commonwealth, but only on “millionaires,” wink wink nudge nudge.

And of course the extra money would be “earmarked” for education and infrastructure, double wink wink, double nudge nudge.

The effect of this “millionaires’ tax” – up to 9 percent on incomes of over $1 million – would have the same impact on tax revenue that it’s had in every other state where it’s been imposed. Suddenly the number of “millionaires” would plummet – thousands would flee, and many more thousands would make sure they didn’t reach the confiscatory threshold.

And so the definition of millionaire would evolve, as the liberals say… to anyone who made over $500,000… and then $100,000… and then, everybody! Every man a king, as Huey Long used to say, although in a very different context.

If you filed for an extension this week, remember, it’s not too late to send Donald Trump and his Russian masters a message – check the box and send more of your own money to the hackerama! That’ll show ‘em, as well as the rest of us. Moonbats, we will all follow your example – of what you do, not what you say, or post on Facebook.

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