No limit to the empty office space in state government

If they’re going to use the state Transportation Building in Park Square as the next flophouse for the swarming hordes of foreign freeloaders, why stop there?

I have a modest proposal.

If they’re going to use the state Transportation Building in Park Square as the next flophouse for the swarming hordes of foreign freeloaders, why stop there?

Do you realize how much empty office space the state has, since everyone in the hackerama stopped coming to work during the phony-baloney Panic of 2020?

A huge percentage have never returned and have no plans to do so – and yes, I’m looking at you, you $207,000-a-year stumble-bum state judges.

Put some of the “asylum” seekers and “families” up at Logan Airport – they can wave goodbye to all the law-abiding citizens fleeing Massachusetts once and for all.

Let the machete-wielding MS-13 gangbangers and the Hamas baby-beheaders camp out on the ghost trains of the MBTA. Nobody else is riding ‘em – I don’t care what the drifters from New York now running the T bleep-show say about ridership coming back.

Nobody in the city works anymore, so why would they need to take the T, unless they’re heading to Downtown Crossing to mug a few unwary tourists who aren’t paying attention to the dumpster fire that Massachusetts has become.

As one of my listeners noted earlier this week, there’s a certain symmetry to Park Square being targeted for demolition by way of the Transportation Building. Remember Park Square in the 1970s, prior to the Transportation Building?

The Hillbilly Ranch, the bus terminal, the Combat Zone around the corner. The Transportation Building was supposed to revitalize the whole run-down, red-light district.

Now, after a few months of Ten Park Plaza as the latest Bidenville, the $5 hookers from the Intermission Lounge will seem like the good old days. What goes around, comes around.

At the new Four Seasons on Dalton Street, a single room runs about $600 a night. But who’ll be paying that kind of dough to stay next to a combination refugee camp-hobo village?

On top of this are the suggestions to use the Hynes Convention Center as yet another staging area for the Third World invasion. Hey, what great news for the Capitol Grille, not to mention the Prudential Center.

One thing for sure – the Pru represents an unprecedented new business opportunity for the undocumented Democrats – Saks! Nespresso! Club Monaco! Canada Goose!

Some of those chi-chi brands may yet be unfamiliar names to the sticky-fingered amigos ticketed for Ward 5. But given how much they’ll be able to make posting their pilfered freebies on-line, they will soon know Lululemon and Swarovski as well as the more traditional Third World shoplifting destinations like Ray-Ban and Sunglass Hut.

One invariable consequence of these Bidenvilles opening up in the neighborhood — everything else goes out of business. Shoplifting, car break-ins in the parking lot, daylight muggings etc. Even the most essential businesses soon fold.

“You just know this will be the end of the Star Market,” a woman from Marlborough Street told me recently.

But consider the bright side of Obama’s fundamental transformation of America. How many square feet is that Star Market? Once it goes belly-up, that will open yet another prime destination resort for… more illegal aliens.

Maybe Star can hang on, though. You know the parking situation in the Back Bay – and don’t get me started on what the blow-ins at City Hall have done to Boylston Street, not to mention everywhere else with their bike lanes and bus lanes and charging stations and assorted other climate-cult nonsense.

But just because of the 24/7 gridlock, that Star at Prudential does a huge delivery business.

Once they flop into the area, will the illegals likewise be permitted to phone in their shoplifting orders to the Star? I mean, requiring them to walk to the supermarket to steal a few snacks after their free, catered, culturally-appropriate noon brunches would be nothing short of… racism, or xenophobia, or something.

And by the way, Star better put on some interpreters to take the illegals’ shoplifting orders. Press 3 for Haitian Creole, 4 for Arabic and 5 for Swahili.

This is the life cycle of societies. People in working-class communities complain that the illegal criminals are being dumped into their towns. But it’s a short-term problem. Eventually, they set fire to the flea-bag motels – meth pipes, roasting a goat, flaying an infidel alive, etc. – and the problem is solved.

Maura Healey moves them on to a different working-class town to destroy.

Foxboro has a problem this year with the Army-Navy game. American citizens who pay taxes can’t find a motel room because the illegal aliens are all living large in the local lodging with three hots and a cot forever.

But again, it’s a temporary problem, because who believes the Army-Navy game will ever be played at Gillette Stadium again after this year’s fiasco?

As for the Prudential Center, do you recall a place named Vanessa’s Bakery? It was a Mafia joint, and the FBI wired it and got some hilarious audio of shakedowns.

Vanessa’s was run by a colorful wiseguy from Malden named Angelo “Sonny” Mercurio. He was once asked in court what he recommended to his fellow mobsters whenever they were indicted.

“I advocate the lam,” Sonny said. Meaning, run away.

Now, I’d like to offer that same sage counsel to all the upscale swells who used to buy Sonny’s overpriced soggy tiramisu and stale cannolis at Vanessa’s.

Before it’s too late, everybody in the Back Bay, I advocate the lam.

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