Howie’s Homework [May 1, 2024]

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Anti-Israel Protester Complains About Columbia NYPD Raid: ‘It’s Finals. Can I Go Home?’ | ELIZABETH WEIBEL – Breitbart

Another could be heard responding, “Oh my f***ing God. No f***ing way. F**k you, it’s finals. Can I go home?”

NYPD release video showing professional ‘protest consultant’ at Columbia University | GREG WEHNER – Fox News

Mayor Eric Adams and members of his administration shared information about the outside actors who were creating “serious public safety issues” at the protests.

WATCH: Tears Fall Like Rain As Police Retake Hamilton Hall and Take Down Pro-Hamas Fanatics | BONCHIE – RedState

Videos are emerging of the raid and its aftermath, with dozens of “protesters” crying in horror as they face the consequences of their actions.

Four Teens, One a Football Star, Killed When Their SUV Is Stopped by Police | BRETT T. – Twitchy

Four Florida teens were killed when police used the PIT — precision immobilization technique — maneuver, to stop their SUV.

Jonathan Turley Says Trump Trial Judge ‘May Have Already Committed Reversible Error’ | HAROLD HUTCHINSON – The Daily Caller

The judge presiding over former President Donald Trump’s trial may have committed a “reversible error” by allowing prosecutors to make certain arguments.

WATCH: War at UCLA as Pro-Israel Vigilantes Storm Palestine ‘Encampment’ Overnight | JOEL B. POLLACK – Breitbart

Roughly 100 pro-Israel vigilantes stormed the “Palestine Solidarity Encampment” at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) late Tuesday night.

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