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Armed 39-Year-Old Arrested at Anti-Israel Protest at University of South Florida | GRAYSON BAKICH – PJ Media

One of the ten protestors arrested was a 39-year-old man named Atah Othman, who was caught with a gun on his person during the protest.

UCLA anti-Israel protesters ask supporters for vegan and gluten-free food, zip ties, shields and EpiPens | LOUIS CASIANO & BILL MELUGIN – Fox News

A Google document posted online by Students for Justice in Palestine at UCLA shows a list of much-needed items wanted by the protesters at the so-called UCLA Palestine Solidarity Encampment. 

Stanford submits ‘deeply disturbing’ photo of campus anti-Israel protester wearing Hamas headband to FBI | The New York Post

Officials at Stanford University submitted a photo of someone on campus wearing a green headband worn by Hamas terrorist fighters to the FBI.

Student Who Went Viral Protecting U.S. Flag During Protest Tells NewsNation ‘Fraternity Members Get a Bad Rap’ | ZACHARY LEEMAN – Mediaite

Rosenblum, a member of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, spoke with Leland Vittert for On Balance about his efforts on Tuesday.

Portland Church Vandals Make 252nd Attack on Catholic Church Since Dobbs Leak | TIERIN-ROSE MANDELBURG – MRC Newsbusters

“F*CK U My body My choice,” was spray painted on the once beautiful doors to the church as well as on the concrete outside the building, according to images shared on X by journalist Andy Ngo.

NBC News Is Only Network To Report On Suspected ISIS Border Crosser | JORGE BONILLA – MRC Newsbusters

Julia Ainsley describes a shocking scenario wherein an Uzbek crossed the border illegally in 2022, was released into the United States only to struggle to find him once it was known that he was a potential member of ISIS.

Mets Fan Gets Thrown Out Of Game For Creating Beautiful Chaos On $1 Hot Dog Night | ANDREW POWELL – The Daily Caller

A fan of the New York Mets ended up being kicked out of a game Tuesday night for seemingly having fans throw hot dogs at him.

‘Your Responses Here Are Unsatisfactory’: Mastermind Of Wuhan Lab Funding Takes Beating On Capitol Hill | ROBERT MCGREEVY – The Daily Caller

The hearing centered on Daszak and EcoHealth Alliance’s work with China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, his undisclosed ties to the WIV and whether or not his nonprofit engaged in gain of function research, among other things.

Good-Bye to Permitting Reform | THE EDITORIAL BOARD – The Wall Street Journal

Why pass laws when the Biden Administration ignores them?

The ‘Outside Agitators’ of Campus Protests | THE EDITORIAL BOARD – The Wall Street Journal

Recent days have shown that the protests aren’t merely bursts of student moral concern about Gaza. They’re often guided by professional leftist groups exploiting students to foment chaos and intimidate President Biden.

Biden Needs to Learn From the Democrats’ Disaster in ’68 | JAMES TRAUB – The Wall Street Journal

The conventional wisdom of 1968 was that Humphrey lost to Nixon because he couldn’t find the courage to break with Johnson on a war that a majority of Americans had come to oppose. That’s almost certainly wrong.

10 protesters identified after arrests at USF pro-Palestinian rally | REGINA GONZALES & PARKER FLUKE – Fox 13

The ten protesters arrested after a pro-Palestinian rally at USF devolved into chaos and the deployment of tear gas on Tuesday have been identified. [MUGSHOTS]

DOJ official Kristen Clarke comes clean after falsely testifying to Senate that she had never been arrested | VICTOR NAVA – The New York Post

Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke admitted Wednesday that she was arrested and chose not to disclose the legal matter during her Senate confirmation process because it had been expunged from her record.

‘If Lightning Doesn’t Strike the Courthouse, I Will Be Very Surprised’: Turley on Cohen Testifying | SUSIE MOORE – RedState

The heart of the prosecution’s claim is that, rather than payments for legal services, those payments were actually reimbursement to Cohen for monies he expended securing a non-disclosure agreement from Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

WATCH: Sen. Kennedy Ends Climate Witness With Jawdropping Final Line | NICK ARAMA – RedState

He certainly has a talent for ferreting out the weaknesses of Democratic witnesses or nominees. 

SO GOOD: UCLA Hamas Simps Cry That Police Won’t Protect Them While Demanding the Police Be Abolished | BONCHIE – RedState

On Tuesday night, police officers in riot gear moved in to liberate Hamilton Hall at Columbia University after it was stormed by pro-Hamas “protesters” a day earlier.

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