Program to “Capture” Carbon Dioxide Up Next for MA Democrats

This is a great opportunity for Honest Howie’s Carbon Credits to expand to commercial industrial customers.

We should all be praying that our new Republican Party Chairwoman, Amy Carnevale, can restore some balance to the State House.  At this point, her message should be “Vote Sanity Vote Republican,” because this week it is full-moon crazy on Beacon Hill.

The Utilities and Energy Committee is meeting several times this week to discuss 30 bills. None of them are on how to bring down Massachusetts’ extremely high electrical rates. Instead, these morons think that they are going to solve climate change by decarbonizing the Commonwealth.

Having a degree in biology and chemistry and having taken many earth-science classes, I cannot believe the craziness that is being pushed by our elected officials. 

Sen. Cynthia Creem, an 80-year-old Democrat from (where else?) Newton, as well as the Open Air Collective, have filed S. 2096 which would establish a state-administered annual carbon dioxide (CO2) removal procedure.

According to the State House News Service, the removal “encompasses strategies to capture the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and store it in geological, bio-based, and ocean reservoirs.”  How much CO2 will be created by building storage units?

If Democrats want to get rid of carbon dioxide, wouldn’t be simpler to plant more trees? Or are they coming up with this insane idea to store CO2, because there will be hack jobs created in the “sustainability” sector? 

Not to worry, octogenarian Creem has the funding for this boondoggle all figured out. Her legislation repeals the sales tax exemption on aircrafts and aircraft replacement parts. But wait, I thought the greenies supported the Green New Deal that would abolish commercial air travel for the hoi polloi. It seems there may be a few flaws in her idea.

Sen. Michael Barrett, a 75-year-old Democrat from (where else?) Lexington, is going with a more traditional Beacon Hill proposal. His bill S. 2080 would create carbon pricing by imposing fees on heating and cooling of commercial and industrial buildings.

This is a great opportunity for Honest Howie’s Carbon Credits to expand to commercial industrial customers.

Barrett’s newly found carbon money would go to a “green infrastructure fund” so hacks can invest in the MBTA, electric vehicle infrastructure (which means charging stations that don’t work), and school buildings. 

However, Rep. William Driscoll, Democrat of (where else?) Milton and Randolph, wants a piece of this action. His carbon pricing money and new green fund would support “environmental-justice” populations. In other words, he wants to redistribute money under the false premise of climate change.

Unfortunately, there is even more craziness. Creem has filed another bill that would create a “thermal transition trust fund” which would support replacing gas appliances with electric appliances.  Does anyone on Beacon Hill understand where electricity comes from?

Rep. Tommy Vitolo of (where else?) Brookline, wants a local option methane emissions tax. 

Rep. Michelle Ciccolo of (where else?) Lexington wants a new commission on “net-zero transportation financing.” How would that work? Does that mean we would all have to ride bikes?

That still would not be net-zero, because humans do emit CO2. But the General Court would need some “studies” on it, and that would mean some nice mid-six-figure “research grants” for Democrats from places like Lexington and Newton and Brookline, the uber-affluent woke suburbs whose solons seem to be filing most of these preposterous green-boondoggle bills.

Notice that none of this legislation helps the consumer. It is all about creating funds and expending money to strengthen the government’s power over us and benefit the Democrat donor class.

Vote Republican! We passed earth science and we are not insane.

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