Leftism is a Religion, But It’ll Never Save You

Leftism functions as a religion—that’s why it’s so appealing.


Believe what you will that our society is entirely secular. That someone can be “spiritual but not religious.” That humanity can be godless and still operate morally.


It’s not true.


Man is religious, inherently. He mitigates depression by seeking community and he avoids anxiety by finding purpose in something outside himself. Even if that purpose involves destroying the country. Whether rapidly in a “mostly peaceful” arson-and-looting spree or by gradually chipping away at our nation’s founding principles.


We live in a world where organized religion has grown increasingly unpopular, even disdained. It’s “out-of-touch” with the times, rooted in patriarchy, and plagued by scandal. So man has created a new religion to fill the void.


It’s called Leftism, and it has all the elements of a true religion: commandments, community, commission. However, in Leftism, these elements are either baseless, empty, or perverse.


Leftism has liturgical seasons: in June, the Left celebrates Pride Month. There are “holy” days: the Left may deem it necessary for disciples to post a black square on Instagram and refrain from using the app that day. In the name of justice.


Leftism has prayer, but since that word hints at the presence of a deity—which is oppressive, you see—contemplation has taken the term “meditation;” supplication, “manifestation.”


The gods of Leftism require forms of sacrifice. Among the relatively harmless forms include changing your diet in reverence to “sentient” animals or adopting a fluorescent hair color to send a message to social norms. Then there’s snuffing out the life of your unborn child so as not to impede your career trajectory, or changing your daily lifestyle to prolong a supposedly imminent environmental apocalypse.


The cult even a features a new-age excommunication: it’s called Cancel Culture. You messed up, big time, and there’s no way back into the woke community for you.


Among the strangest and most damning of spectacles in the Religion of Leftism is the prostration before other mortals. A photo recently went viral showing a “retreat”—in reality, some sort of hippie summer camp—where a group of men bowed before the women in attendance.


“We bow for the thousands of years of disrespect and oppression of the feminine,” the organizer of the so-called retreat explained. “We bow for our own unconscious participation in a system which has advantaged men. We bow for our own lapses and failures to acknowledge the divine feminine, within and without.”




A similar stunt, this one racially driven, was performed amidst those mostly peaceful protests of 2020’s Summer of Love. A group of non-Blacks lay horizontal to repent their sins to a group of Black people.


Here’s a general rule of thumb: if you find yourself prostrating yourself before another human being—not God—you are dabbling in the Religion of Leftism.


If you find yourself in the cult, it’s likely your intentions were harmless. You wanted to be inclusive. Socially just. Kind. But soon enough, if you don’t free yourself, Leftism will turn on you, too.


In this religion, there is no salvation, not even peace of mind here in the temporal world. It’s a never-ending cycle of displacing tradition and upending common sense where adequacy may only last a moment.


Because you’re damned whichever way you turn.


Either you’re guilty of not being woke enough: you hang a Pride flag in the window of your small business, but you don’t have a “Hate Has No Home Here” sign on your lawn. Or you’re guilty because you were woke enough yesterday, but the standards have changed this morning: you hang the original rainbow flag, but the Pride-flag Betsey Rosses have added six more colors since. A true ally would be up to date.


You call yourself an “ally” to these oppressed groups, following all the necessary commandments like keeping pronouns and that week’s vogue flag in your Twitter bio—and you can rest assured you might avoid being accused of  being a -phobe or an -ist. Key word: might. Until a new category of oppression is drawn up, and you’re the persecutor all over again.


In the Religion of Leftism, you are inherently evil.


And in this cult, there is no baptism that washes away Original Sin.


You can follow all the commandments, you can repent for your nature, you can prostrate yourself before the “oppressed.” But at some point, you’ll lose track of the letters they’ve added to 2SLGBTQQIA+. You’ll slip and say “woman” when you should have said “person.”


In the Religion of Leftism, somehow and in some way, you will always be, unconsciously and uncontrollably, an insensitive bigot. And you cannot change that.


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