Incompetent six-figure Massachusetts State Police owe us a refund

The Massachusetts State Police – they may not be the best law enforcement money can buy, but they damn sure must be the most expensive.

It’s shocking how much of our hard-earned money these skinhead drunkards are paid. All they seem to do is drive around bleep-faced in their cruisers with other cops’ guns. And that’s just when they’re not lying to multiple grand juries under oath.

And these knucklehead chrome domes we’re seeing in Dedham every day at the Karen Read murder trial aren’t even close to the highest-paid of these greed-crazed hacks.

How much are these crapulous payroll patriots being paid?

In 2023, 31 members of the State Police made at least $306,227.82.

The top “earner” was Thomas McCarthy, a detective captain. He pocketed $501,764.97.

Finishing second was a sixtysomething in the “motorcycle unit,” Det. Lt. William Cederquist. He made $439,059.14.

By the way, don’t confuse William Cederquist with his younger brother, Gary Cederquist, who is, or was, a state cop.

Until January, the younger Cederquist was in the CDL unit – commercial drivers’ licenses. Then he got lugged, by the feds.

In 2022, though, Gary Cederquist had his snout buried in the public trough almost as deeply as his brother. He had $331,620, legitimately, or as legit as anything in the MSP can be.

Sadly, he hasn’t been paid since February, after his indictment on corruption charges.

By the way, there used to be a third Cederquist from Bridgewater on the MSP hackerama. That would be Deborah, who retired in 2001 and has since been collecting a kiss in the mail that amounts to $49,875 a year.

They all take care of their hack patrons. Consider the authors of the embarrassment in Dedham – the Norfolk County District Attorney’s office. Now, it’s only to be expected that a total moron like Adam Lally would find it expedient to have given cash to his boss, Michael “Meatball” Morrissey, every year since 2010. Altogether — $1600, which will Meatball a lot of Boston cremes.

But the state cops in Meatball’s office pony up as well. Brian Tully, yesterday’s lead-off skinhead, has given his DA boss $600 over the years. Ditto Sgt. Yuriy Buhkenik, the hulking thug who speaks in broken English and can’t do simple math.

Both Tully and Buhkenik get a good ROI – over $210,000 each.

Number three on the overpaid MSP list is Christopher Dumont, lieutenant. Made $425,259.47.

It’s just amazing the money they make for doing… what exactly do they do? Oh, I mean I know about beating up their girlfriends, stealing drugs and then overdosing, losing their firearms while shacking up with their gal pals in Providence, ripping off Belmont Hill School….

I mean, what do they do when they’re… on the job.

How stupid are they? Well, here’s just one example from this week. Proctor, the guy who was driving drunk with one of the Alberts while investigating “cold cases” (Budweiser? Coors Light?), was asked how many homicides he’d ever investigated where the cause of death could not be determined.

Proctor, moron that he is, hemmed and hawed for a while. Then defense attorney Alan Jackson produced his testimony earlier this year before the federal grand jury that’s investigating the rampant corruption in this Karen Read case.

“You were asked the question, so first what do you mean by ‘Of course it’s undetermined.’ Your answer was – “ and here Jackson is reading verbatim from Perjury Proctor’s answer:

“I said it at the time it was kind of like not like figuratively of course it’s an of course like I had never really seen that before in a homicide.”

There are no MENSA chapters in the barracks, let’s leave at that, okay?

People who don’t often run into state cops are glued to coverage of this trial. It’s been an eye-opener.

Now they’re researching the POST commission to see how a citizen can make an official complaint about a crooked cop. (This means you, Proctor!) Regular citizens are just astounded at what they’re seeing.

“I don’t know much about law enforcement,” one 93-year-old woman said earlier this week. “But shouldn’t this Proctor be in the can?”

If you really want to see how public opinion is running, check out the MSP’s postings on Facebook. The peanut gallery has been brutal.

Under every posting the troopers get roasted. Here was a story: “Intoxicated Man In Violation of Open Container Ordinance Found to Be Carrying Firearm in His Waistband.

One commenter: “What we really need to know is, did the suspect have a good ass?”

Another said: “Have you been to Canton? That’s every weekend night at the Waterfall.”

The staties posted a photo of a cute dog with the headline: “Owner Sought For Missing Dog Found in Blue Hills Reservation.”

First comment was, “Is the missing dog Chloe Albert?”

A woman named Jenny M said: “I hope the owner is found. On another note, as a woman who travels in Norfolk County to work, am I safe from the monsters you hire? Do you have a code of conduct, and if so, who polices it?”

Another story was about “Training for Operational Readiness at All Times?”

A poster named Mike Chaney said: “Was there training on security camera placement and taillight destruction or is that a different unit.”

Hillarie GC: “Did u hit the Dollar Tree for red solo cups in case you need to collect any evidence?”

The Facebook page had an announcement about a “Sobriety Checkpoint” in Worcester. Imagine that – the MSP conducting a sobriety checkpoint. It is to laugh.

Jim Amos’ response: “I think you’ll get the $$ results you’re looking for if you set this up in Canton.”

Then there was the Touch-a-Truck event last Sunday that the MSP was very excited about. So were the citizens.

Steve O’Connell: “Did anybody find Officer Albert’s gun and badge in the truck?”

Michael Brassard: “Were the children taught about how to sprinkle taillight pieces around a crime scene?”

Dave Eric: “When Proctology is out of a job send him my way. I need some gardening done. I heard he is very good at planting… evidence.”

The Mass State Police: To Protect and Steal. To Protect and Overserve.

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