In the media, if it hurts Trump, it leads

The word of the day is “verify” — it’s all over the alt-left media, as they brazenly attempt to cover up the burgeoning scandal of Hunter Biden’s laptop and all the payoffs, dirty deals and shakedowns contained therein.

As usual, the Democrat stenographers with press passes speak as one — they can’t run with this Hunter Biden laptop information until it’s “verified.”

It’s quite a phenomenon, this process of “verification.” Here’s how it works: If a story damaging to President Trump is concocted out of thin air, no matter how far-fetched or dodgy, absolutely no “verification” is required. (Nor are any corrections when the story falls apart, as it almost invariably does. The corrupt outlet just vanishes the story from its website.)

If, on the other hand, a story benefits President Trump, usually by pointing out the corruption of the Democrats, no amount of verification is sufficient.

They used to say in local TV news, if it bleeds it leads. Now the guiding principle is, If it hurts Trump, it leads. If it hurts Biden, forget about it. Nothing to see here, folks, move along. Let’s go down the list of the usual suspects who are running interference for Dementia Joe Biden’s crime family, starting with “60 Minutes,” CBS’s oldest fake-news program.

The “60 Minutes” interviews tonight with both candidates were reduced to irrelevance when President Trump released the videotape of his before it could be doctored by the corrupt hacks at Black Rock.

Trump called out the “reporter,” Lesley Stahl, who turns 79 in December, by pointing out that she’d soon be giving Dementia Joe a slobbering tongue bath.

“You’re gonna ask him what flavor ice cream he has, OK? Instead of why did Hunter get $3.5 million from Moscow?”

To which Stahl responded, “This is ’60 Minutes’ and we can’t put on things we can’t verify.”

Pardon me for laughing in your face, Granny Stahl.

This is “60 Minutes”: remember how during the 2004 presidential race, when they put on utterly bogus documents purporting to show that President George W. Bush was in essence a military deserter. When it became clear that 60 Minutes had used obviously forged documents in a breathtaking conspiracy with Democrats to throw the election, “60 Minutes’” response was that the story was “fake but accurate.”

Another infamous “60 Minutes” scoop involved a Charlestown junkie named Joseph Yandle. A murderer who wanted a pardon, he claimed he was a Vietnam vet who fought at Khe Sanh, was awarded a Purple Heart and two Bronze Stars for his gallantry.

Turns out, Yandle never set foot in Vietnam. He was a file clerk on Okinawa. But on “60 Minutes,” he became Audie Murphy and Sgt. York combined, on steroids.

Mike Wallace, dad of Comrade Chris Wallace, lapped it up with a spoon. He’d been turned on to the Yandle yarn by, wait for it, Mike Barnicle and Kevin Cullen of the fake-news Boston Globe, two phonies who were both busted for making stuff up.

This is “60 Minutes” …

Likewise, NBC News won’t touch the Biden laptop story. They described it as “questionably sourced.”

Remember, this is the same network that during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings once led their nightly newscast with the totally made-up rape accusations of one Julie Swetnick.

NBC couldn’t be bothered to do the slightest checking of the glaring holes in her account, because she was vouched for by a crooked Democrat lawyer, Michael Avenatti, a jailbird now better known by his Bureau of Prisons number, 86743-854.

NBC is loaded with esteemed fact checkers, like Lawrence O’Donnell, who’s had to retract fake news, as well as veteran pipe artist Brian Williams, who saw the bodies floating down Canal Street.

And don’t forget Matt Lauer, who had a button in his desk.

The Peacock also employed sexual predator Mark Halperin and creepy Comrade Chris Matthews, not to mention all the suits who fired Ronan Farrow for trying to break the Harvey Weinstein rape story. And then there was Tom Brokaw.

Their boss was Andy Lack, who joked about the genitalia of at least one of his female anchors.

On MSNBC there’s Joy Reid, who posted homophobic tweets, and Al Sharpton, who has railed against “Greek homos,” and “white interlopers” in Harlem.

And, finally, of course, the aforementioned Barnicle. If he was good enough to make up bleep for 60 Minutes, he’s plenty talented enough for MSNBC’s fake-news operations.

But now NBC is deeply concerned about “verifying” the Hunter Biden laptop. Maybe they want to hire Hunter as a color commentator on NBC sex scandals. He’d certainly fit in over at Rockefeller Plaza.

Then there’s CNN. Jake Tapper, who used to work for Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law, said the news from the Hunter Biden laptop was “too disgusting to even repeat here.”

Now that’s rich, given that Tapper spent hours in January 2017 salivating over the Steele dossier, which was anything but verified. Tapper loved talking about “the pee tapes,” you may recall. Now he’s a prude.

To recall, Tapper’s favorite “dossier” was paid for by Hillary Clinton, whose campaign hired an unhinged foreign national to make up stories about the Trumps. The bogus documents were then handed off to the FBI, specifically one Andrew McCabe, whose politician wife had just taken $700,000 in cash from one of the Clintons’ top bundlers.

This bogus “dossier” was then given to Tapper, former employee of a Democrat congresswoman who was married to another Democrat congressman who went to prison for bank fraud and still owes millions in unpaid restitution to his victims.

That’s verified information too, by the way.

Let’s return to the president talking to “60 Minutes.” I guarantee you this is video you won’t be seeing tonight on the See-BS network. POTUS is lecturing Stahl about spiking the story about Hunter admitting making mega-payoffs to “the Big Guy.”

“You won’t put it on,” Trump tells her, “because it’s bad for Biden.”

“Look,” Lesley lies, “we can’t put on things we can’t verify.”

“They spied on my campaign,” Trump says. “You know that.”

“As a matter of fact,” she lies, again, “I don’t know that.”

That doesn’t even rise to “60 Minutes’” former standards of lying — fake but accurate.

Now, “60 Minutes” is both fake and inaccurate. And that’s verified.

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