Home-Grown Karoline Leavitt Wins NH 1st Congressional District

“I am from New Hampshire. I will always be for New Hampshire. The establishment knows that.” No wonder they spent $5 million to try to stop her.

Karoline Leavitt cannot be bought.

That’s the message her primary victory in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District sends to the Deep State Republican establishment in DC.

Home-grown, America First, wearing a cross—no wonder they spent $5 million to try to stop Karoline by propping up a longtime coat holder for Chris Christie and Deborah Birx who blew into Seacoast New Hampshire from New Jersey.

In her victory speech Tuesday night, the 25-year-old St. Anselm College grad assured supporters that her upset victory “sends a strong, a clear message to the Washington D.C. establishment and our Democrat opponents that our votes cannot be bought. Our conservative voices cannot be silenced. And the future of our beautiful, great Live Free or Die state is ours.”

Leavitt joins the growing slate of victorious, America First candidates in this year’s midterm elections. And according to the former president’s recent Truth Social post, the “Trumpiest” option won every major New Hampshire race last night.

Leavitt witnessed firsthand the success and prosperity of the great MAGA king’s reign working as a presidential writer and an assistant press secretary.  As director of communications for NY GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik, she got a good long first-hand look at the Swamp.

And she’s ready to drain it.

Leavitt’s platform includes implementing Congressional term limits, abolishing the Department of Education—which earned a booming cheer from the Hampton crowd last night—and, in true New Hampshire fashion, protecting “God-given” Second Amendment rights.

“No excuses. No compromises.”

Leavitt hopes to undo the ever-escalating assaults on hard-working Americans perpetrated by the radical Left. She promises to vote for energy independence and getting the government “out of our economy, out of our education system, and out of our election system.”

This November Leavitt faces two-faced Democrat incumbent Chris Pappas, who pledges to be a moderate, bipartisan voice for NH01 but who with every vote has sold himself out for the Biden-Pelosi socialist agenda.

“I’m the greatest threat to beat Chris Pappas,” she told WMUR of Manchester. “I am from New Hampshire. I will always be for New Hampshire. The establishment knows that.”

When Karoline Leavitt sends Pelosi’s puppet Pappas packing this November, she will also smash a record previously held by everyone’s favorite GQ cover gal, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes.

Leavitt will be the youngest Congresswoman ever to serve in the House.

But Leavitt is used to breaking records, and the brush-off from libs and RINOs alike didn’t slow her down in the least. This year, her campaign raised the most money in the NH01 race and knocked more doors—over 70,000—than any other candidate in the entire state.

And the fact she is Gen Z doesn’t faze her, either.

“My youth is one of the many reasons I felt compelled to run for Congress in the first place. It’s my generation of Americans—your children, your grandchildren—who are not being served well by the current state of our education system, our media, and our entire culture.”

Leavitt promises to get the young voters of NH01 on board with the values of God, Family, Country and Freedom that previous generations hold dear. America First means more than economy—it means culture. As a member of the generation that was spoon fed Critical Race Theory and Radical Gender Ideology, Leavitt knows how tough that fight will be.

“Tonight we celebrate, but tomorrow the work begins. We have a country to save.”

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