Holiday Season Shenanigans from the Turkeys on Beacon Hill

Either this massive boondoggle of a bill will be delayed until January or the legislature is going to have to come back to work.

We’ll have a short-term Happy Thanksgiving and possibly Merry Christmas due to the turkeys on Beacon Hill.

Last summer Gov. Maura Healey filed the largest supplemental budget in state history — $2.8 billion. Usually these stop-gap budgets range in the hundreds of millions of dollars, but Healey, who promised to make Massachusetts more affordable, is spending for her illegal-alien amigos like a drunken sailor.  Maybe her 2022 campaign commercials meant to say making Massachusetts affordable for illegal immigrants?

Of course, the legislature doesn’t like to work hard so after a six-week summer break, the turkeys did not take quick action on this expensive bill. Great! I don’t want my tax dollars funding $200 million for free lawyers for illegal immigrants along with all the other handouts so they can sue for even more free stuff from law-abiding citizens who actually, you know, work for a living and pay taxes.

Unlike the illegal aliens.

The House did not vote on this bill until Nov. 8 which forced a Senate delay. Fortunately, the Senate did not pass the same language so the spending bill had to go to a conference committee where three members of the House and three senators negotiate behind closed doors.

So far, they have not been able to agree. Yahoo!

Why the yahoo? Decades ago the public wanted a part-time legislature, so Beacon Hill passed rules that they are out of full formal session in odd years starting mid-November and they are out of session during election years beginning Aug. 1. Last week, we hit that mid-November deadline, so if they try to pass the supplemental budget during an informal session, one legislator can object, holding up the entire bill! 

Either this massive boondoggle of a bill will be delayed until January or the legislature is going to have to come back to work. I am hoping for the latter, but all the people who don’t work for a living are holding a “Homelessness Vigil” for the foreign freeloaders today on the front steps at the State House.

The organizer said “With winter rapidly approaching, we call upon our state leaders to act quickly so that no child has to sleep out in the cold.”  How about these people don’t break into our country and think it is our responsibility to house and feed them forever?

Also, the average Third World criminal invading the United States is a military-aged man – not children!  Oh, that’s right, I am not supposed to point out facts when there is an effort to squander more of our tax dollars on the undocumented Democrats who want to join the non-working classes here in Massachusetts.

This Thanksgiving, it looks like there are going to be travel and legislative delays!  And for once, I am loving the turkeys on Beacon Hill.

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