Grace’s Recommended Reading [April 30, 2024]

Grace wants to keep her listeners caught up on the news.

Grace wants to keep her listeners caught up on the news. Check out these stories she’ll be touching on in today’s show:

James Biden listed his job as ‘brother’ of Joe in ‘flawless’ presentation for Qatar | STEVEN NELSON – The New York Post

James Biden, 75, pumped Americore Health for $600,000 in what the firm said was loans in 2018 — and wrote a check for $200,000 of that amount to Joe Biden at the same time James was seeking out foreign investors.

VIRAL VIDEO: Boaters At Boca Bash Dump Trash Cans Into Florida Waterway, Sparking Outrage | BRITTANY SHEEHAN – RedState

An official investigation has been launched regarding a group of individuals aboard the vessel.

Violent pro-terror rioters shouting ‘Intifada!’ smash their way into Columbia University academic building in latest campus chaos | ALLIE GRIFFIN, KENNETH GARGER, JACK MORPHET, JOE MARINO, EMILY CRANE – The New York Post

A huge mob of masked pro-terror rioters broke into an academic building at Columbia University and seized it early Tuesday.

Neighbor films astonishing shootout between Charlotte cops and gunmen that left four officers dead and another four injured | GERMAINIA RODRIGUEZ POLEO – The Daily Mail

A livestream shared by Saing Chhoeun on Facebook shows two heavily-armed cops taking cover behind a vehicle as they engage in the gun battle on Monday.

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