Healey Power, Resource Abuse Expedites Invasion

Calling out the National Guard was not about protecting the Commonwealth.

The problem of illegal immigration is easy to solve. At the federal level, our senile buffoon of a President Joe Biden needs to close the borders. At the state level, our nutty liberal Gov. Maura Healey needs to repeal the right-to-settle law and stop all the endless welfare goodies being doled out to illegals.

No free stuff. No more invasion. It’s that simple.

But they don’t want to stop this future voting bloc. They see the unskilled Third World hordes streaming across the border with their hands out as obvious Democrats.

I mean, if you don’t like to work and expect to be coddled by the government forever as you claim you’re a “victim” which entitles you to even more handouts, which party are you going to vote for?

Healey has been grabbing headlines on these self-inflicted wounds pretending to notice the pressure the illegals are causing on housing, schools and all forms of welfare due to their invasion and their endless demands for everything-free-in-America.

But the fact is she is loving every minute of this. As they say in the Democrat party, never let a crisis go to waste. And crises don’t get much bigger than the Democrats’ deliberate destabilization of the society.  

Calling out the National Guard was not about protecting the Commonwealth. It was a way to get more hands on deck to facilitate the illegals’ invasion. That’s right, our National Guard is being used to help expedite the invasion. It is National Guard abuse. The question is whether Healey will make them sleep in parking garages the way Pelosi did in Washington in 2021.

Healey also declared a state of emergency. It first appeared that she was only motivated by grabbing more federal funds, but that was not the only reason. By declaring a state of emergency, she ties the hands of local officials.

For example, Taunton has not been happy with the takeover of the city’s only hotel, the Clarion. The city started fining the hotel $1000 per day for being over occupancy. City Hall also suspended the hotel’s liquor license.

Now with the state of emergency, communities cannot hold the state accountable for violating local regulations. There is no way these municipalities can fight back. Our ruler Healey has decided so we are forced to pay for these foreign law-breakers.

If that is not bad enough, this week the legislature was back to work from summer vacation or should I say back to work screwing taxpayers.

This week there were hearings on increasing “cash benefit assistance” (welfare) by 10 percent and legislation to “ensure eligible immigrants can receive cash assistance and other benefits.”  Well considering our Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll told House members last week that everyone being housed is “legal,” we can assume all of these benefits are going to what we all know to be are illegal aliens.

But, that’s not the worst of it.  There was also a committee hearing on same-day registration filed by Sen. Mike Brady (D-Brockton, but D stands for drunk).  So if the illegals don’t get to register to vote while getting their state sanctioned driver licenses at the registry, they can just register on election day.  How convenient and thoughtful of Brady. 

We can conclude this all about the new voting bloc. 

Any working-class American who votes Democrat deserves to have the money they labored hard for confiscated and handed over to foreign criminals who are enjoying their permanent vacations at law-abiding taxpayers’ expense while laughing in your faces.

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