Harvard’s Depraved Cheerleading

DeSantis slams his own school.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is a graduate of Harvard Law School.

So when I had him on my radio show Wednesday, I asked him for his reaction to the depraved cheerleading by some at his old school to the horrific slaughter by Muslim terrorists last weekend.

“I knew Harvard was very left-wing,” he said, “but at this point with the Ivy League, how nuts they’ve gotten, if I see a Harvard resume cross my desk I’m running the other way.”

DeSantis continued, “Yes, they’ve always been anti-Israel, but to go up and cheer a terrorist group that’s cutting off he heads of infants is absolutely despicable.”

Yes it is, but it is also absolutely predictable. This is Harvard, after all. This is Cambridge. These genocidal Nazi fiends on Mass Ave are just the latest iteration of the Tsarnaevs. Remember them?

A family of Third World Muslim grifters who lied about the “oppression” they were suffering – namely, having to work for a living like the stupid infidels.

The Tsarnaevs were granted asylum – which means welfare. None of those foreign freeloaders ever worked another day in their bloodthirsty lives.

Instead, they were living large on Norfolk Street, using their generous handouts to buy weapons to murder Americans – the older brother had killed eight infidels at age 25 before his brother finally ran him over on Memorial Drive.

But the Tsarnaevs are so 2013. Now we have the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Groups.

The Harvards’ statement was beyond obscene, but one of the real howlers was the denunciation, in boldface, of “the apartheid regime.”

Apartheid? Isn’t that basically a synonym for racism? Yet I daresay almost 100 percent of the victims and box-checkers who are cheering on the rapists and baby killers are only at Harvard because of the school’s now-outlawed “apartheid” admissions system.

Of course, if they benefit, it’s not apartheid, it’s “equity.”

Harvard’s always despised Jews, among other ethnic groups. A century ago, the school had a “quota” system for Jewish admissions. But the Yankee grandees just wanted to keep them at arm’s length, they weren’t into genocide, unlike so many of the proud young Third Worlders now lounging at Harvard on full-boat scholarships.

Actually though, I’m baffled why jihadists want to hang out at Harvard. Especially at the law school. I thought the only kind law these genocidal terrorists cared about was sharia law.

One of the pro-Nazi groups is the Harvard Middle Eastern and North African Law Student Association. According to pjmedia.com, the co-president is Reem Hussien. Before Harvard Law, she went to Yale. Obviously, we’re talking about a real victim of Zionist oppression here.

Why are they wasting time on Mass Ave when they could be in Syria, burning Yazidis and Druze alive as they fight for what’s left of ISIS.

Listen up, Reem and Fatima and Sarah and Sandy – ISIS is always looking for a few new child brides. And there is no finer fashion statement than a designer al Qaeda suicide vest, or is a girdle for the gals?

ISIS recruitment has taken a dip of late, and the problem can be summed up in one word: drones. This may be why the aforementioned Reem Hussien spends her off-jihad hours “advocating for the end of the US’s lethal drone program.”

Malcolm X used to say that when white European kids got off the plane in New York, the first American phrase they learned was the n-word.

Nowadays, when so many of these new Tsarnaev types swim across the Rio Grande, the first word they learn in the v-word – victim.

They’re all victims. The vast majority have been pampered and coddled since the day they flopped into this country. Everything has been handed to them. But the Harvard Nazis who signed onto this anti-Semitic screed haven’t the slightest bit of gratitude.

It’s a Tsarnaev thing.

Do they realize that Harvard and all the rest of these elite bastions have already performed an academic genocide of sorts – against middle-class white and Asian kids who must work hard? Almost every single pampered puke at Harvard now is either a legacy, the offspring of the filthy rich or a box-checker.

The only exception is the football team.

In the old days, Harvard grads sometimes had to take responsibility for what they believed in. Look at all the names of the Harvard Civil War dead in Memorial Hall. JFK captained PT 109.

But these blow-ins and drifters from parts unknown take no responsibility for their genocidal, ignorant, racist screeds against the only democracy in the Middle East.

It’s odd, isn’t it? Twice now in less than a month the wokest of woke westerners – Justin Trudeau’s government in Ottawa and now all the Ivy League snowflakes – have publicly, gleefully celebrated genocidal Nazis.

A couple of years ago I bought a book about Boston in the mid-twentieth century: “Nazis of Copley Square.”

It was very well-done, about the so-called Christian Front in pre-World War II Boston. But the events of 80 years ago read like ancient history. It’s time for an updated book, to deal with what’s happening now across the river in Cambridge.

“Nazis of Harvard Square.”

I asked Ron DeSantis about this phenomenon of the most privileged, coddled “victims” in the world who, the more handouts they get, the more they want to chop off our heads.

“If you don’t like this country,” said DeSantis, “you should not be in this country. If you’re not supportive I don’t know why we would want you in this country to begin with.”

Or in Harvard Square for that matter. Harvard pukes, Hamas is looking for a few good men, er, non-birthing persons. And ISIS, I repeat, is always in the market for child brides. Bring your own suicide vest as a dowry.

And now let’s all sing together the new updated Harvard Nazi fight song:

“With Crimson in triumph flashing/ ‘mid the strains of victory/ Poor babies’ brains we are bashing/ Into infidel obscurity….”

The Harvard alumni must be very, very proud. Veritas.

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