Sure, give our guns to the corrupt MSP

Massachusetts’ plan for gun safety is to surrender guns to the corrupt State Police

Who will guard the guards themselves?

That’s the eternal question that comes to mind as you read the Democrats’ unconstitutional 122-page gun grab bill now hurtling towards the governor’s desk at the State House.

Much of the confiscation of legal firearms from law-abiding citizens will be charged to the second-most corrupt law-enforcement agency in the United States (after the FBI).

I refer of course to the Massachusetts State Police.

By rough count, the disgraced MSP are mentioned 38 times in the new legislation, and the colonel pops up 44 times.

What could possibly go wrong?

William F. Buckley Jr. once famously said that he would rather be governed by the first 100 names in the Boston telephone book than by the faculty of Harvard University.

To update Buckley’s comment, I would prefer the state’s gun laws be enforced by the first 100 names on the membership rolls of the Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) than by the MSP.

For sure, GOAL members are a much more law-abiding bunch than the troopers. Gun owners with LTCs have much lower rates of recividism than the State Police when it comes to, among other crimes, embezzling, drunk driving (with fatalities), drug overdoses, spousal abuse and lewd and lascivious conduct.

This the State Police m.o.: They alter crime reports to protect the junkie children of hack state judges. Troop E out on the Pike openly operated as a racketeering enterprise, stealing millions of dollars.

The troopers send “inappropriate texts.” At least one of them used to routinely post racist messages on social media and cheered whenever there was a police shooting. Then he went out on the road and shot a black guy, after which he was charged with a&b with a deadly weapon.

Am I right “Big Irish?”

These are the cops who are about to be charged with grabbing your guns. They have a motto:

To protect and steal. Their other motto is: To protect and (over)serve.

Today let’s ponder the priors of the people who will be abrogating your Constitutional rights in this outrageous power grab.

Consider Section 121C, which states that the State Police colonel “shall promulgate rules and regulations implementing a statewide firearm surrender program.”

Really? Surrendering firearms to the State Police?

Do you recall any of these headlines?

“State Police trooper admits getting free guns, is cooperating in criminal probe.”

“Two retired state troopers face charges for allegedly illegal arrangements with gun dealers.”

Until a few months ago, the colonel was an arrogant, overbearing hack named Christopher Mason. He had a young son named Reid Mason. The lad was encountered by cops in Hyannis one morning after last call hanging out of his SUV, reeking of booze.

Inside Mason’s van, the Barnstable PD found five firearms, one of which, a Glock 17, was both unregistered and unlicensed. The local cops never released details information the magazines he had for his unregistered, unlicensed Glock 17, some of which are much less available to non-law enforcement, if you get my drift.

Nothing serious happened to young Mason because… professional courtesy. Col. Daddy now pockets an annual state pension of $194,602 a year.

Speaking of guns, remember the drunkard trooper from Bristol County who had himself a third-rate romance, low-rent rendezvous in Providence in 2020?

He and his gal pal guzzled $200 worth of martinis – this came out in the official MSP report. The lovebirds then checked into a no-tell hotel in downtown Providence. In his eagerness to get down to hanky-panky, the trooper neglected to lock his unmarked MSP cruiser. Local gangbangers stole his fully loaded Smith & Wesson.

These are the law-enforcement professionals who will be oppressing you, but not themselves or the colonel’s son.

The bill includes a massive expansion of “red flag” laws to confiscate guns from Enemies of the Deep State.

The solons might as well call them “red hat” laws, because they’ll only be used against US citizens wearing MAGA caps.

Do you suppose any red flag laws will ever be enforced against the state trooper charged in Wrentham with beating his second wife? Or the trooper who was arrested in Attleboro for allegedly threatening to kill his girlfriend four times? Or the one who assaulted the woman who wasn’t his wife in New Hampshire, or the one who broke a woman’s tibia outside a bar in Dorchester?

How about the cop in western Mass who was charged in court with pushing his wife’s face into an unflushed toilet? That trooper didn’t get fired, or jailed. He got promoted to lieutenant, and now makes $172,080 a year.

These are the very ethical cops who will be writing a “uniform curriculum” for your firearms training. I’m sure they’ll say don’t use drugs while armed, although a trooper in the gang unit confiscated 23 grams of cocaine, went home to Middleborough and immediately suffered a “medical emergency.”

How about the trooper who ran over a motorcyclist in Dorchester in 2021? He’d been barhopping all night. Detectives said he “spoke with a thick tongue.”

Remember the Foxboro Flasher? He shot a bad guy in Boston, and was never the same. He was bagged in a drunken brawl in Las Vegas. Two weeks later, at a country music concert in Foxboro, he ingested another bad ice cube. The trooper exposed himself in the stands and then came on to a guy, as his girlfriend watched.

For his lewd, lascivious and wanton conduct, the Foxboro Flasher now grabs a lifetime tax-free state pension of $66,688, even though he’s not yet 40.

Under the new gun-grab law, do you think you would be ever able to get an LTC if you were a) a drug dealer, b) a drug abuser, c) a money launderer, d) the live-in moll of a drug kingpin, and e) an admitted perjurer.

Probably not, but Leigha Genduso copped to all the above, and was immediately appointed the State Police. The crooked MSP gave the ex-barmaid a cruiser, a badge, a K-9 and… a gun. After ratting out her gangster boyfriend, the career criminal set up light housekeeping with a future lieutenant colonel of the State Police who is now collecting a pension of $162,638 a year.

One final provision of the new law: the colonel “shall produce” an annual report detailing crimes committed in the Commonwealth using firearms.

I think the report should include an appendix of all the crimes committed by the MSP. Some years it’ll run longer than all the crimes committed by the rest of us.

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