Boston’s 311 comment line tells real story of pandemic

BOS:311 is the City of Boston’s text complaint line that “enables real-time collaboration with citizens, ‘deputizing’ mobile users to become the city’s eyes and ears.”

BOS:311 is the City of Boston’s text complaint line that “enables real-time collaboration with citizens, ‘deputizing’ mobile users to become the city’s eyes and ears.”

The line’s quite popular — more than 2.3 million postings so far. Usually it’s about code infractions — illegal parking, illegal dumping, illegal graffiti, etc. Everything illegal is on the table except illegal aliens, of course, because… equity or something.

But the tone of many 311 complaints has shifted this week, since Mayor Michelle Wu’s latest hysteria over Fauci’s Folly.

In case you missed it, Boston is about to become a destination city — for vaccination passports. It’s a public-health crisis, you understand. The new policy was announced Dec. 20. It goes into effect Jan. 15. Omicron is apparently taking all the holidays off this year.

Get woke, go broke, that’s now the City of Boston’s official policy. Nobody ever out-woked Michelle Wu, and she doesn’t care how broke her constituents go as long as she stays woker than woke.

To view the messages for yourself, go to before they’re scrubbed by City Hall’s Ministry of Truth.

You can text photos, like someone did from one of the Mass & Cass spillover sites on Southampton Street in Roxbury. Along with a picture of dozens of free-range Americans loitering and zombie-walking, the citizen sent his caption:

“Just got my vaccine outside of McDonald’s. Any city workers looking for free shots? Idk (I don’t know) if it was Moderna, Pfizer or heroin but I got my 1st shot. Seems legit.”

All texters list the nature and address of the problem, so now many texts are directed at 1 City Hall Plaza.

Here’s a “rodent sighting” at City Hall: “No ID for voting or welfare but one for my kid to eat a Happy Meal in McDonald’s. Michelle Wu and her useless city councilors that backed this should hang their heads in shame. You make me sick.”

Another spotted “overflowing trash can” at City Hall: “New York did this and it’s failing miserable (sic). And having no positive impact on COVID/number of cases.”

But that’s not the point, Trash Can. The only goal is to win the woke derby. Michelle’s from Chicago, and she beat the equally woke Lori Lightfoot by two whole days in announcing her passport policy.

That goes down as a “W” for Wu. Who cares about the restaurants and small businesses?

Many city workers — especially those in public safety – are likewise displeased by Wu’s my-way-or-the-highway highhandedness. Here’s a metaphorical text from One Cambridge Street across from City Hall about the mayor and firefighters’ union boss Ed “Edzo” Kelly:

“A small Wu rat and a large Edzo rat were seen chewing on the necks of first responders.”

Buyer’s remorse is reported in Her Honor’s own Ward 18: “My neighbor in Roslindale owns a restaurant, voted for Wu and is now severely depressed. Is there some number we can call to get him services?”

The new mayor just went on local NPR – National Panhandler Radio – and claimed she was receiving racist, sexist messages about her new passports. The moonbat septuagenarian host lapped it all up with a spoon. It fits the alt-left media’s victimhood narrative and we’ll be hearing it again and again and again.

But I didn’t see much misogyny at 311, although some of it is pretty rude, and this is just the beginning. One unvaxxed texter wondered what will happen if he’s around City Hall come Jan. 15 and has to use a restroom, only to be denied entry to the public building.

“Would I be allowed to pull (down) my pants and (expletive deleted) on City Hall Plaza like Nancy Pelosi allows people in San Francisco?”

Most of the texters are making legitimate points, including inquiries about why fans are supposedly going to need a passport to get into Bruins and Celtics games come Jan. 15.

“Why do spectators have to prove vaccination to enter td garden but players do not? Do we have different rules for rich people?”

Good point. Are the rules for everyone, or are all of the city’s leisure classes exempt?

One texter listed the address of a public-housing project on Old Colony Ave: “Numerous unvaxxed people living in this public building. When will they be removed?”

Probably never. If they’re illegal, definitely never.

One skeptic texted a screenshot of a headline: “CDC Data: Fentanyl Overdoses Now Kill More Americans Aged 18-45 Than Covid.” And under that a brief message to the mayor: “Check this out Comrade.”

A vaccinated taxpayer and resident texted: “I will not go to another restaurant or spend another dime in this city … You have NO right to decide what other people do with their bodies … MORALLY WRONG. ‘My body my choice’ – remember???? Not ‘My body, Michelle Wu’s choice.’”

Here’s a random sampling of more 311 text messages:

“The vaccine clearly isn’t working. The last 7 people at work with COVID were fully vaccinated. How does this mandate make anyone safer?”

“If vaccinated people can also carry and pass the virus, why are they allowed to travel freely throughout the city?”

“Destroying small businesses when the FACTS ARE everyone is contagious. END THE CITY RULING.”

“Can you get and pass along COVID-19 to someone else? YES!!! Then what’s the point of the vaccination?”

“From a city that chanted, ‘My body, my choice!’… this is inhumane.”

The city says 311 is Boston’s eyes and ears. If that’s true, Mayor Wu’s ears must be burning.

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