A couple of shoves later, Stanley Rosenberg still holding fast

The only way to pry disgraced ex-Senate president Stanley Rosenberg out of the State House will be with the Jaws of Life.

Have you gotten a load of all these newspaper editorials and politicians demanding – nay, thundering – that the scandalous solon must step aside and… retire?

Retire?!?! Haven’t these goo-goos been paying attention? How can Rosenberg retire when he’s already been retired since 1980, when he got his first hack job at the State House.

At age 68, Rosenberg has 38 years of gainful unemployment in. Why should he check into a retirement home, when he’s already in one – it’s called the legislature.

Think about it. His replacement, the “acting” Senate president, is Harriette Chandler, age 80. The House speaker, Robert DeLeo, the unindicted coconspirator, turns 68 next month. DeLeo’s majority leader, Ron Mariano, is 71. The State House has become Marian Manor West.

Consider how long it’s been since Pee Wee Herman’s better half had a real job – Jimmy Carter was president, Ed King was governor, Kevin White was mayor, Tip O’Neill was the Congressman….

That’s how long Stanley Rosenberg has had his snout buried in the public trough. And you think someone like that is going to quit out of a sense of… shame?

Just because he’s in a relationship that makes Barney Frank and Hot Bottom look like Ma and Pa Kettle? This is the same sticky-fingered bandito who engineered last year’s mega-heist of the taxpayers, $18 million a year in extra cash for the hackerama, just to give himself (and down the road, his 31-year-old spouse who is young enough to be his grandson) a big fat kiss in the mail.

The other aspect to this latest sordid State House tale is Sen. Sal DiDomenico of Everett. Like Brutus, Sal has a lean and hungry look, and he ain’t waiting for no Ides of March either. He’s already given his pal Stan two in the hat – leave the gun, Sal, take the cannoli.

Here’s my advice for everybody on Beacon Hill – don’t stand too close to DiDomenico, unless you want to get a rocket in your pocket.

Consider the career of the man who would be Senate president. He starts out as an aide to Sen. Anthony Galluccio of Cambridge. Gallucio had a thirst so great it would cast a shadow. Galluccio went down when he was under house arrest for OUI and failed a breathalyzer – blamed it on his toothpaste, remember?

DiDomenico runs in a special to replace Galluccio and defeats Tim Flaherty, son of convicted felon speaker Good Time Charlie Flaherty. After losing this very close primary race to DiDomenico, young Flaherty proceeds to go down on a witness-tampering rap. (He pleaded down to “disrupting a state court proceeding.”)

DiDomenico was able to defeat Flaherty because of a monster turnout in his hometown of Everett. The biggest hack in Everett back then was one Stat Smith, the state rep. Shortly after DiDomenico’s election, Stat does a Dixie on a federal voter-fraud rap – go figure! Did four months in Club Fed – Bureau of Prisons # 94906-038.

After Stat went to prison, he was replaced on Beacon Hill by another local Everett hack named Wayne Matewsky. He didn’t last long either, going down in a torrent of headlines about unpaid debts and screaming obscenities at a restaurant table next to a 7-year-old having a birthday party. There were even reports that Matwesky almost walked out on a restaurant tab – the old chew ‘n’ screw, as we used to say.

Say goodnight Anthony, Timmy, Stat, Wayne….

And now a bus runs over DiDomenico’s “leader,” Stanley Rosenberg. What happens twice happens thrice happens….

I have no idea who the next Senate president is going to be. But I say this to Steve Wynn – if you think you’re in a world of trouble now, just have a sit-down with your new casino’s state senator, and you’ll really know what Fresh Hell is this.

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