Who’s who at Wu’s Nonwhite “Holiday” Party

Howie’s got the picture of from the party of the season—Mayor Wu’s nonwhites-only holiday party.

Here’s a photo from inside the no-whites-need-apply Christmas party at the Parkman House Wednesday night.

By my count, the table includes one jailbird ex-con, at least three hacks who’ve been fined by the State Ethics Commission, and one who’s been jammed up with OCPF.

From left, clockwise:

Rep. Samantha Montano

Rep. Russell Holmes (the organizer)

Mrs. Holmes, fiance of lame duck City Councilor Ricky Ricardo Arroyo

Ricky Ricardo himself

Suffolk DA Kevin Hayden, who Arroyo tried to fix the 2022 election against with disgraced ex-US attorney Rachael Rollins

Mrs. Hayden (woman in blue who covered her face going into Parkman House)

City Councilor Ruthzee Louijeune; Ayanna Pressley’s ex-con husband Conan Harris, strangely sitting at the head of the table instead of the mayor

Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins

Retiring City Hall aide Juan Lopez

Incoming city councilor and City Hall hack Enrique Pepin

Mayor Wu

Rep. Brandy Fluker-Oakley (the woman who put up her hoodie to avoid being identified as she walked into the time)

Unidentified random dude in white Michael Jackson hat

Rep. Chris Worrell and Sen. Liz Miranda.

Those fined by Ethics Commission: City Councilors Arroyo and Pepin and Sheriff Tompkins.

By the way, Rep. Samantha Montano tweeted that his “white Italian” partner would have been welcome but she couldn’t make it. Why was jailbird Conan Harris there but not his wife, the invitee? And why did he grab Wu’s seat at head of table?

I wonder what Ricky Ricardo and Kevin Hayden discussed. Maybe: “Hey, have you seen Rachael Rollins lately?”

At same time as the Wu Klux Klan party, regular City Council party was being held at Bell in Hand across the street from City Hall.

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