Mayor dreaming of a non-white Christmas

If the ‘electeds of color’ party was so ho-hum, why did some attendees cover their faces?

The most important question about Mayor Michelle Wu’s no-whites-allowed Christmas party at the Parkman House Wednesday night is obvious:

What if the reverse had happened – what if a white mayor had held a whites-only party at a city-owned building, after specifically disinviting all the non-white members of the City Council?

We all know the answer to that question. It would have been the end of the world, a national story for days if not weeks on end. On the night of the party, there would have been rioting, or looting and violence. Or should I say, more looting and violence than usual.

And if it had been a white Republican mayor who had hosted it, every GOP politician in the nation down to the candidate for tree warden in Athol would have been asked to denounce it.

But since it was Wu Klux Klan gathering, we were told, as always, nothing to see here folks, move along. An “honest” mistake. Her dim-bulb coat holder, who sent out the email, apologized “for any confusion this may have confused.”

The confusion was, white people had thought they had something called equal rights, especially in public accommodations.

But so what? Most of state-run media gave it a good leaving-alone.

After all, Michelle Wu was just trying to put the “party” back into apartheid.

In the 20th century, there was an expression – Banned in Boston. It was a reference to books.

Now Banned in Boston is back, but the banning isn’t about books. It’s about white people.

In 1979 Pope John Paul II came to Boston and spoke on the Common. Mayor Kevin White (for that was indeed his name) spent thousands in public funds hosting posh parties for his fat-cat campaign contributors at the Parkman House across Beacon Street from where the Pope was addressing the faithful.

City Councilor Freddy Langone later held hearings on the Parkman House spending, during which he asked his famous spelling-challenged question.

“Who ate at the Parkman House? H-W-O-H Who?” he thundered. “Did the Pope eat at the Parkman House?”

We never found out. But one thing we now know for sure. If the current Pope had shown up at the Parkman House Wednesday night, he would have turned away at the door.

The Pope is white.

I have so many questions about the mayor’s Christmas, er Kwanzaa party.

First of all, will the white city councilors get their own separate-but-equal party?

Did the “electeds of color” (EOCs) enjoy any parlor games, like, say, “Pin the Tail on the Honky?”

Did the partygoers sing “White Christmas?” Was it a “white tie” affair?

What kind of drinks do you serve at a no-whites party? Did the ban extend to say, chablis, pinot grigio or chardonnay – you know, white wines? What if a thirsty EOC wanted a certain mixed drink known as a white Russian?

Hard seltzer? Every brand was available except… White Claw.

Did Mayor Wu offer her guests that traditional Yuletide beverage – egg nog? Probably not. You know, it’s difficult to get the proper consistency without whipping up a few egg… whites. Most likely no turkey either – too much white meat.

The “EOCs” were allowed to bring someone with them. But no whites were allowed. So what about the attorney general, Andrea Campbell? She’s married to a white guy. Ditto Michelle Wu. Did she get to bring Mr. what’s-his-name?

All these EOCs are Democrats. The Democrat party has a long history with this sort of thing – among other things, starting the Civil War, shooting Abraham Lincoln for freeing their slaves, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, Plessy v. Ferguson, lynchings, the Dixiecrats, Woodrow Wilson, massive resistance etc. etc.

So did the local Democrat EOCs at the Parkman House commemorate any of their party’s ancient traditions, perhaps by playing a loop of their beloved Democrat governor, George C. Wallace, at his inaugural address in Alabama in 1963:

“Segregation now! Segregation tomorrow! Segregation forever.”

And a happy new year!

Lately Democrats insist that they are unable to define what a woman is, because, as one of their box-checking judges told a Senate committee, “I’m not a biologist.” So if Democrats can’t define what a woman is, how can they possibly define what constitutes an “elected of color?”

Consider Gigi Coletta, the city councilor from East Boston. Her City Hall website mentions her “Italian and Mexican heritage.”

So did Gigi get an invite as an EOC, or was she stopped at the front door under the Democrat party’s traditional “one-drop” rule of banning anyone from the festivities who’s not 100 percent… whatever?

Or did the Wu Klux Klan split the difference for Gigi and allow her to attend only half the party?

How about Brighton city councilor Liz Breadon? I know, she’s white, but she’s from a foreign country and she’s a lesbian. Surely that should count for something. Can’t a twofer like Liz be an honorary elected of color, at least for one night?

It’s an odd thing. Michelle Wu says her racist party was nothing to be ashamed of. But if you look at the photographs of the festive party-goers, they don’t seem very festive.

It seemed like a Mob funeral where all the wise guys cover their faces to sure the cops don’t get any photos of them.

One woman had her hand over her face as she walked up the stairs. Another was bundled up in a hoodie.

There used to be a gangster in Boston, Whitey Bulger (for that was indeed his name). At this time every year, Whitey used to stuff cash into envelopes for all his corrupt police officers. He would chuckle and say:

“Christmas is for cops and kids.”

And now, all these years later, Christmas in Boston is for cops and kids and… no-whites-allowed taxpayer-funded Christmas parties.

Sing it, Mayor Wu: “I’m dreaming of a non-white Christmas….”

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