Welcome to Taxachusetts! Press 2 for English.

We are now second-class citizens in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.

Remember, the old slogan, “Make it Massachusetts?” Well, it may be time for a new one. With everything happening at the State House to help the illegal aliens, it should now be “Press two for English in Taxachusetts.”

Our elected legislators are supposed to represent our interests, but that’s not happening on Beacon Hill. They are actively working against us. They are raiding our wallets, making our streets less safe and now they want to allow the illegals to vote!

As you may recall last week, legislators were pushing a bill for free drivers’ licenses for poor people, which would in fact mean free licenses for illegals, who are eligible as of July 1 to apply at the RMV.  

A month ago the State House celebrated “Immigration Day” – in fact, illegal immigration day — while at the same time they were pushing for S.76 and H. 135 which would restore state-funded nutrition benefits to legally present immigrants and cash assistance to immigrant families.

Of course, we cannot forget that we are presently paying millions of dollars per week to house non-working, non-English-speaking illegal aliens in our local hotels. We also provide them with three meals a day — on the arm.

As if all that is not infuriating enough, this week the Election Laws Committee is considering several bills to expand the voting rights of non-citizens. That’s right, the Democrats want to let them vote! 

Various solons – including the usual suspects like Sen. Jamie Eldridge and Rep. Mike Connolly — have filed bills to allow illegals to vote in municipal elections. They want them to be able to have a voice in selecting mayors, school committee members, selectmen, city councilors, and even local ballot referendums. They would even have the right to vote at town meetings. 

So we pay property taxes, trash fees, and excise taxes to live in our communities and these pandering buffoons want the illegals, who are enjoying free vacations in the United States, to have a say in our local elections. In Taunton, 550-plus illegals are being housed in the Clarion Hotel and the hacks want to allow them to vote.  There are hundreds more squatting in Kingston, Norton, Shrewsbury, etc.

Allowing idle foreign nationals who pay no taxes to decide whether still more taxes should be collected from working Americans to support these illegals in the high style to which they have become accustomed — what could possibly go wrong for law-abiding taxpayers?

If you own a second home, you have no say in the governance of that community. Despite paying taxes and being a legal resident, you cannot make your voice heard. For example, the town of Wareham changed the rules for boat owners at the town meeting last fall. Ninety-five percent of the boat owners are summer residents. None of them got a say. But if these bills were to be passed an illegal immigrant can have a say while a taxpaying legal resident from the next town over has no rights.

Where’s that equity they’re always whining about?

We are now second-class citizens in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.

These dangerous bills would create a “noncitizens voter registration form.” Does that mean town clerks would have to maintain two voter lists – one for municipal elections and one for other state elections?  You and I know that there will be one voter list and the illegals will be on it. Hence, they will easily be able to vote in other elections. Let there be no doubt about it that these bills are a pathway to voting – voting for candidates who will promise them still more handouts than those that are already bankrupting American taxpayers. 

However, there are safeguards in the legislation such as requiring the foreign criminal to sign the registration form under the pains and penalties of perjury. What a joke! These people illegally came to our country and now they are supposed to be afraid of perjury? No way! Eldridge et al. are betraying the people they claim to suggest that these lawless invaders have the right to vote.  These legislators should be at the top of the list to be thrown out of office!

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