Latest MA License Measure Crazier than Letting Illegals Drive

The insanity continues on Beacon Hill this week. 

Several dangerous bills are being heard by the Transportation Committee Tuesday that defy nature and would provide illegal aliens with yet another handout at the expense of law-abiding American citizens. 

Rep. David Linsky of Natick has filed H.3368 that would allow people to choose X as their gender on a driver’s license.  If passed, there would be three choices for gender: male, female and X.  Maybe the new choice should be S for stupid.  X may offend someone, because there are just two chromosomes that identify sex.

If you have XX, that means you are a woman.

XY makes you a male. 

I hope Liam Morrison, the 12-year-old who was thrown out of school in Middleboro for wearing a shirt stating the inconvertible fact that there are two genders, testifies. That kid knows more about biology than Rep. Linsky and Sen. Jo Comerford of Northampton, who filed S. 2207 that would allow people to change the sex designation on their birth certificates to X. 

Don’t these two pieces of legislation make Linsky and Comerford the true science deniers? I think so.

But the worst bill being considered tomorrow was filed by Rep. Steven Ultrino of Malden.

H.3456 would eliminate drivers’ license application fees for low-income residents. How thoughtful of him (if that is his pronoun) to help poor people with their license fees.  Right? I smell a rat. Why now? Who is complaining about license fees?

Surely it is a coincidence that the Commonwealth starts handing out driver’s licenses to illegal aliens on July 1. I don’t believe that this legislation is designed to help our low-income legal residents. It is to give free drivers’ licenses to the illegal aliens flooding into Massachusetts, so all those “Haitian” families living in hotels on our dime can go get free licenses. 

While taxpaying legal residents cannot schedule appointments to get the REAL ID, Rep. Ultrino wants to make it easier for non-working illegals who don’t pay taxes to get a license. Instead of rolling out the red carpet for illegals, how about free licenses for people who pay taxes and obey the law?

And how about $1000 license fees for illegals? Wouldn’t that be fair? We could put the $1000 into a housing fund like the housing transfer tax Beacon Hill was pushing on us last week to provide more “affordable” housing. 

It is time to defund the state legislature, so all this craziness stops. Unfortunately, such a move would be up to… the state legislature.

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