U.S. taxpayers footing bill for freeloaders

Why do so many people seem surprised that all the Democrat candidates for president now openly support free health care for tens of millions of illegal aliens?

Who do these taxpayers think has been picking up the tab all along for the undocumented Democrats’ medical care?

The answer is, you and me, amigo. For going on a half-century now, we’ve been paying for these Third World illegals’ lifetime all-expenses-paid vacations here in the First World. Anything they need, they just charge it to Tio Sam. It’s way better than reparations. As the old Broadway tune goes, “Everything free in America!”

C’mon down, Noemi Mejia, a 51-year-old “Dominican national,” as the US attorney in Boston tactfully describes her.

The senorita will be back in federal district court in a couple of weeks to be sentenced for almost two decades of welfare fraud here in the Commonwealth.

Headline: “Dominican National Pleads Guilty to Misusing Social Security Number and Stealing Government Benefits.”

From the Department of Justice’s press release: “In total, Mejia stole more than $164,000 in federally-funded housing assistance benefits, MassHealth benefits, and Food Stamps.”

Not so long ago, immigrants came to this country to work, and to start businesses. You know why? Because the rules were, everybody had to sink or swim. There was no free stuff being handed out to the shiftless, especially shiftless illegals.

The newcomers had to learn to speak English. Back then, the Democrats were the party of the working classes, not the non-working classes.

But that was then, and this is now. Now, by the tens of millions, they come here not to work, but to not work, and to steal. And when, like Noemi Mejia, they get arrested for stealing free stuff, they get a… free lawyer.

And in many cases, a free translator so they can comprehende how their free lawyers are trying to keep them out of prison, and on the dole. Because you can’t really expect them to learn to speak our language, can you? That would be linguistic imperialism, or colonialism, or something.

Noemi is a poster gal for this post-1965 immigration system. She pulled herself up by the bootstraps – somebody else’s bootstraps.

Let’s go to the feds’ narrative:

“In August 2001, Mejia applied to participate in the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Section 8 Program, which is administered by the Boston Housing Authority, using the name, Social Security number and date of birth of a US citizen from Puerto Rico.”

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

“By falsely claiming that she was a US citizen, Mejia was deemed eligible to receive Section 8 benefits. Mejia also applied for MassHealth benefits using the identity of a Puerto Rican citizen, which rendered her eligible for more expansive healthcare coverage. Mejia also used the stolen identity to obtain a Massachusetts driver’s license and to work.”

You mean, this thieving Dominican was able to somehow deceive the crack sleuths at the Registry of Motor Vehicles? Seems impossible to believe, doesn’t it?

Anyway, think about it – this thieving Dominican been stealing free health care, and everything else, since before 9/11. Put another way, all these years, you’ve been getting soaked for your own medical costs – and hers. You’ve been paying for your own housing – and hers.

But wait, there’s more. With these sticky-fingered banditos from the tropical climes, there always is.

“While receiving benefits under the stolen identity, Mejia applied for and received additional Section 8 housing vouchers and Food Stamps using her true name. She received these benefits on behalf of her daughter, who is a US citizen.”

Translation: she dropped an anchor baby. I wonder what became of the father. But apparently once Noemi had the lifeline to (legal) free stuff via the anchor baby, it never occurred to her to stop stealing.

“The amount of the benefits received under these programs is determined, in part by household income. Because Mejia did not report the income she earned using the stolen identity, she fraudulently received Section 8 benefits and Food Stamps in her true name.”

In other words, she’s a double-dipping foreign welfare fraudster. Celebrate diversity.

Of course, this is just an “anecdote,” as ex-Gov. Deval Patrick used to say. A $164,000, ongoing two-decade conspiracy to defraud the taxpayers, but an anecdote nonetheless. Here’s another anecdote from Thursday. The feds here in Boston grabbed five more illegal Dominicans for identity theft, including one in Fitchburg by the name of Jesus Alberto Baez Pimental.

After the RMV issued a driver’s license to Jesus, the feds said, “MassHealth records reflect an application for health benefits under his same name.”

Another Dominican charged with committing identity theft, in order to commit welfare fraud….

Everyone who thinks both Jesus and Noemi should get another 10, 15 or 20 years of free medical care, this time in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons – please raise your hands.

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