Big box illegal bandits make off with $238,000 in loot

If you have any doubts how your tax dollars are being spent right now, look no further than the mugshots on this page.

These four illegal aliens from Guatemala were just arrested by the feds, after a spree of organized retail looting of Home Depot and other businesses that netted them, according to the criminal complaint, at least $238,000 at stores from Maine to Virginia.

“Despite arrests in multiple states for retail theft,” Brendan Cullen, a Homeland Security Investigations agent, wrote in his criminal complaint, “the Target Subjects repeat the same or similar patterns of conduct with little regard for any consequences.”

Because… Democrats.

This is all part of the fundamental transformation of America into a Third World hellhole.

Here’s how it works. If you’re an illegal alien, every horrific felony you commit is reduced to a misdemeanor.

And then Democrat judges cut you loose on no bail to continue your own personal one-man crime wave.

However, if you’re the former president of the United States, the corrupt Democrats will take a misdemeanor, on which the statute of limitations has already expired, and convert it into a felony, while illegal aliens continue robbing the country blind.

But I digress.

These four Guatemalans are part of an endless wave of sticky-fingered Third World thieves “plundering,” as the feds so aptly put it.

They’ve been arrested in at least three Massachusetts communities – Boston, Norwood, Seekonk, and probably more.

They’ve been lugged three times in Rhode Island as well, into addition to Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. And those are just thefts involving the four they’ve already grabbed from the gang of 15.

The head bandito is one Marvin Estuardo Morales DePaz, age 33, twice deported. Among his associates is Jonathan Josue Amperez-Perez, age 31.

I first wrote about this crew in December 2022. I still remember that one guy, Amperez-Perez. Those wacky Third World surnames!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say they’re all on welfare of at least one form or another.

I know for a fact that when some of these fundamental transformers of America were busted at the Home Depot in West Roxbury by Boston police, in addition to the pro forma pro bono public defenders, they all had different Spanish interpreters.

A photo of DAYGERENRIQUE and LAJUJ-SOLOMAN exiting a Home Depot with a woodchipper “for which they did not render payment.” (U.S. District Court affidavit)

It wasn’t always this way. Once foreigners came to this country to work, not to not work… and not to steal everything that wasn’t nailed down.

A newcomer had to have a sponsor, who was responsible for the alien not becoming a ward of the state, as they so quaintly put it. Every six months, the foreigner had to go down to the local police station and give a good account of himself.

Those were the good old days. Translators were few and far between.

You know what the late BMC Judge Elijah Adlow used to tell illegal-alien shoplifters back in the day when the amigos claimed they needed an interpreter?

“I see you’ve learned to pick up our merchandise a lot faster than you’ve learned to pick up our language.”

This stolen lawnmower reveals that it had an affixed price tag of $3,599. (U.S. District Court affidavit)

Nowadays, Judge Adlow would probably be impeached for making such a droll comment. But then, he was a… Republican.

When the Guatemalans were lugged in Boston in December 2022, prosecutors pointed out that several of them had outstanding warrants in Worcester, not to mention ICE detainers. They asked that their bonds be revoked.

The judge, a Bulger hackette named Kathleen Coffey refused because… Democrats.

A “Providence woman” appeared and provided $1,000 cash bail for each of the “Providence men.”

And that was that. Guess who didn’t show up for their court appearances.

According to the feds, life’s been berry, berry good to these career criminals from south of the border.

In 115 pages of documents, the feds dig deeply into the Guatemalans’ ill-gotten gains. They don’t name the “Providence woman” who’s associated with the foreign thugs.

But they do say that between June 2022 and last September, she made cash deposits of more than $246,000 into a single bank account, in addition to more than $50,000 more from various other wire deposits.

That’s a lot of wire deposits from stolen “spools of electrical wire,” as the complaint puts it.

Just to understand, these are the real beneficiaries of Bidenomics, the only ones in fact.

Nobody who’s an American or who actually works for a living is doing anything but paying more and more money, in higher taxes and prices at the cash register to support these millions of parasitical invaders who don’t work.

Meanwhile, the “Providence men” have been living large. A year ago, they bought a house in Cranston, which I guess now makes them “Cranston men.”

Providence woman wired a mortgage company $171,963.16 in cash for the purchase.

The federal complaint also contains photographs of two new high-end vehicles outside the new Casa Home Depot in Cranston. One is an F150 flatbed pick-up truck, although the feds noted that the license plate “did not match with the make and model… and was registered to a person unknown.”

One photograph stored in MORALES DE PAZ’s phone there appears two red-colored vehicles parked in the rear of the property, a GMC Yukon Denali and Ford F-150. (U.S. District Court affidavit)

This is a pattern with these undocumented Democrats. When they were lugged outside the Home Depot on the VFW Parkway 15 months ago, the Guatemalans had a stolen license plate on their low rider. The registration was “expired.”

As Judge Coffey cut them loose just before Christmas 2022, she sternly warned them to stay out of any Home Depots in the future.

The undocumented Democrats took the holidays off and then went back to their undocumented shopping.

In April of last year, the Guatemalans pulled off their biggest one-day heist ever, according to the feds. They lifted $23,000 in gringo goods from the Home Depot in Johnston, RI.

A photo provided by Home Depot loss prevention personnel showing MORALES DE PAZ and DAYGER-ENRIQUE checking out with cabinet boxes used to conceal the electrical wire and the wire unloaded into rear of the subject’s van. (U.S. District Court affidavit)

The criminal complaint includes a listing of all the places the Biden voters allegedly robbed. After Judge Coffey’s admonition to stay out of Home Depot, the foreign freeloaders lifted $158,000 worth of goods from assorted Home Depots.

Photos of LAJUJ-SOLOMAN and DAYGER-ENRIQUE exiting the Reading Home Depot with stolen flooring from a Home Depot. (U.S. District Court affidavit)

You know, the more I think about it, the more I miss Judge Elijah Adlow.

If only these 8 or 10 million new freeloading criminal illegals could pick up English as fast as they pick up all our stuff…

AMPEREZ-PEREZ’s phone contains photos and videos of large amounts of currency that he sends to other unknown parties via text messages. (U.S. District Court affidavit)

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