TWEET BEAT: Tucker Returns, Trump Owns CNN, and Trouble in Bennifer Paradise?

Tweet Beat is back!

Here’s your weekly round-up of funny, frightening, and informative activity on Twitter—and, of course, Truth Social. From Capitol Hill to the Red Carpet, we’ve got your social-media catch-up covered.

Tweet Beat is back, and so is Tucker. Carlson may have had his throne usurped, but it’s not over for the primetime king. On Tuesday, Tucker teased a his show…that will debut on none other than Elon Musk’s Twitter!

Speaking of the Tech Giant, Musk has announced his official hire of Linda Yaccarino, the free bird’s next CEO. Musk and Yaccarino plan to host a live-streamed Q&A session in the near future.

Twitter is still missing one important presence, but luckily, we have Truth Social to check in on everyone’s favorite President.

Per usual, Donald J. Trump was making plenty of front pages this week. On Tuesday, a New York jury found him liable for sexual abuse in the E. Jean Carroll case, and he had a few things to say about it.

But the bad news for MAGA didn’t last long. Wednesday night, CNN hosted President Trump’s town hall in New Hampshire. He brought his usual Trumpian charm as well as some handy-dandy receipts to fact-check former Fox conservative Kaitlan Collins.

According to Donald Trump Jr. who joined Howie’s show Friday, the president is riding high.

The Howie Carr Radio Network’s own Grace Curley chimed in on the spicy town hall, too.

Cue the liberal meltdown. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t handle that much Trump on live TV. Imagine that! Trump even got Green-New-Deal AOC to denounce the Fake News Network!

Even funnier than AOC’s whimpers was the reply section under her abysmal Tweet. The trolls came, saw, and conquered!

Now, for some celebrity bickering. All eyes were on #Bennifer—that is, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez—when all signs pointed to trouble at the premiere of Lopez’s film The Mother. It seems the red carpet queen chose a less-than-thrilled photoshoot partner.

Last but not least, one more local story. The Celtics have forced a Game 7 in the NBA playoffs to occur this Sunday, May 14.

Until next time on Tweet Beat!

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