TWEET BEAT: Dodging the Rainbow & DeSantis DiSaster

Welcome back to another round of Tweet Beat! We’ve compiled the latest and greatest blurbs from the past week across Twitter (and, of course, Truth).

Pre-Pride Month Prep

From Bud Light to baseball, the sexuality craze is encroaching on everyday American life. Large, financially cushioned corporations are gearing up for “Pride Month”—the period of time some call “June”—by purchasing some Bigotry Insurance. Amidst all this hullabaloo, we normal folk have to do some fancy footwork if we want to avoid supporting nonsensical campaigns.

Los Angeles couldn’t dodge the limelight after a spineless reneging regarding a group of disorderly drag nuns. First, they invited the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to a “Pride Night” event. Then, when the City of Angels was called out for promoting an anti-Christian group, they uninvited the nuns. But the woke mob finally won out. The LA Dodgers prostrated themselves before the hems of the drag habits.

Popular Catholic Bishop Robert Barron, who served the diocese of Los Angeles until the middle of 2022, took to social media to denounce the mockery.

The Dodgers attempted to reconcile themselves with fans by planning a “Christian Faith and Family Day,” but the pandering is obvious and pitiful.

Conservatives called to boycott Target after videos of a transgender swimsuit campaign preying on adolescents went viral. Hurting the brand seemed like a long-shot at first, but the big-box retailer has already lost billions.

Right on cue, the woke mob suggested such boycotts are “violence” against the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community. Funny, I’m old enough to remember the ransacking of Target tech sections in the Summer of Love a mere three years ago. That was “justice,” remember?

Check out the best part of Jack Posobiec’s unearthed 2020 footage: the “Community Notes” section.

The Left sure loves to throw around the word “violence.”

Grace Curley calls out another instance of hyperbolic hypocrisy, where sticks and stones (and machetes) may break your bones, but, if you ask the Left, words are the real violence.

Ron & Elon’s “Failure to Launch”

If you’re Team DeSantis these days, you could say the Florida governor’s campaign launch in partnership with Twitter was so successful it broke the platform.

But if you’re someone who tried to enter the Live Space, you might say it was an embarrassing ordeal. The speech could not be heard. The virtual room kept crashing. The flop was fodder for opponents on both sides.

Former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, who is running for president (if you were unaware, I’d bet you aren’t alone, as he is often polling at 1% or less), got spicy in response to the DeSantis disaster.

President Trump certainly hasn’t held back his attacks on DeSantis. Interestingly enough, however, 45 was rather cordial this week with Sen. Tim Scott, who’s also thrown his hat in the GOP ring. Either DJT feels no threat whatsoever from the South Carolinian, or he hasn’t ruled him out as his VP.

From Listeners Like You

Howie’s audience is home to four-legged fans, too. One senior feline received some on-air advice from the official pet expert of the Howie Carr Show, Dr. Matt of Ipswich Animal Hospital. Looks like she was listening very attentively to the doc!

In case you missed last week’s episode of Thinking PAWSitive with Dr. Matt the vet, you can catch it here:

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