Trump trolls Democrats on sanctuary cities

Donald Trump is living in their heads, rent-free.

It’s not the main reason we elected him, but it’s certainly a major side benefit – the president’s uncanny ability to troll these sanctimonious trust-funded PC frauds to the point of incoherence, if not insanity.

Now he is threatening to flood the Democrats’ “sanctuary” cities with tens of thousands more indigent, indolent, diseased, criminal, non-English-speaking illegal aliens. As he pointed out Friday at the White House, the Beautiful People in places like California are always lecturing the rest of us about how we must welcome these parasites with “open arms.”

So wouldn’t you assume that these virtue-signaling Democrat politicians would be ecstatic that, as the president said, he can supply them with “an unlimited supply” of Third World beggars to overwhelm their welfare rolls, hospital emergency rooms, public housing, schools and jails.

After all, they’re “valedictorians,” as Jeb Bush once said. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has discerned “the spark of divinity” in them, presumably including the machete-wielding gangbangers from MS-13, a violent criminal organization that MSNBC claims doesn’t even exist.

It was classic Trump trolling – the fake-news Washington Post runs a story saying the administration had considered dumping the leeching flotsam of the Third World into these smug Democrat communities, but finally rejected the plan as impractical for any number of reasons.

But even the prospect of their la-de-da towns being flooded with this trash drove the Democrats over the edge.

Doesn’t Trump understand? These illegals aren’t supposed to ruin their chi-chi neighborhoods, they’re supposed to ruin our neighborhoods. They don’t want to destabilize Democrat states, only Republican districts.

Pelosi fumed that the plan to flood her hometown of San Francisco with criminals was “disrespectful.” Her majority leader, Steny Hoyer, told the Post that it is “very unfortunate and to be condemned – that you would use ICE to penalize or to (enact) retribution for political reasons.”

Retribution? These same hypocrites have been telling us for years that illegal aliens are the salt of the earth. The mayor of Oakland said they commit fewer crimes than Americans – never mind that more than 20 percent of the inmates in the federal prison system are illegals, 12 percent from Mexico alone.

The Democrat DA in San Francisco denounced the proposal as “an all-time low for American discourse.” Sending illegals to Democrat cities, snorted another of Pelosi’s committee chairmen, was “about partisan politics and wantonly inflicting cruelty.”

Dumping fentanyl dealers in the red states, flyover country – that’s celebrating diversity. Sending them to Naushon Island or Hyannis Port – that’s wantonly inflicting cruelty.

The Democrats are all busted for NIMBYism – Not in My Backyard. They’ve gone out of their minds, in their doorman buildings and gated communities.

This stunt was even better than Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, forcing a roll-call vote on their Green New Deal. Lame-brain Democrat Ed Markey – “Mr. Frosty” — claimed his resolution was all about saving the planet, fighting our generation’s World War II, only 12 years left until the end of the world, etc. etc.

But when it came to a vote in the Senate, not a single Democrat was willing to go on record in favor of banning airplanes, automobiles, fossil fuels, nuclear power, hot-water heaters and cows. The nays prevailed 57-0, with 43 Democrats voting “present.”

As amusing as that was, the Green New Deal vote was mostly an academic exercise. Dumping illegal aliens into the PC bastions – that’s something we can all get behind, viscerally.

Some local mayors leapt to the bait, claiming they would welcome still more of the undocumented Democrats who have turned one formerly working-class city after another into non-working-class Third World slum catastrophes. Think Lawrence.

But when the mayor of Cambridge says of course we’ll take as many of these criminals as they want, doesn’t it just remind everyone of Cambridge’s most famous “asylees” – the Muslim terrorist Tsarnaev family?

Especially now on the eve of the sixth anniversary of the Tsarnaevs’ thanks for the decade of welfare they lapped up from the Great Satan, which they repaid with a murder spree in Boston, Cambridge and Waltham that took the lives of at least six American taxpayers.

Down in Brockton, the cops just busted a pair of alleged fentanyl dealers on their way to their wedding. The groom was an illegal alien from the Dominican Republic with a stolen Puerto Rican identity.

The bride, 20 years old, is four months pregnant, and may even be a US citizen. Anchor babies always are.

Anyway, the baby mama – Angelixs Martinez-Zayas – has already popped out three children, ages 5, 3 and 1. Do the math. The prosecutor said she’s on welfare – what a surprise. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

I hope Angelixs, her brood and the illegal alien fentanyl dealer “husband” move to Cambridge.

The fake Indian, Elizabeth Warren, will no doubt welcome them with “open arms,” as the president said. Are there any Sect. 8 apartments on Linnaean Street? No? Well, maybe the fake Indian can invite a few dozen of these Third World criminals to squat in her own $2-million mansion.

How many can we put you down for, Senator?

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