Time is Running Out: a Call to Candidacy

Let’s do this!

Time is running out!

The clock is ticking on saving our state from the illegal-alien invasion. Time is running out for candidates to run against the liberal Democrats who embrace Gov. Maura Healey’s pro-illegal immigrant policies. 

If you have ever considered running for political office, this is the year! 

Polling data is showing that illegal immigration is the top issue with all voters, across the board. Here in Massachusetts, it could be another political year like 1990 when Republicans made significant gains after the Democrats passed the service sales tax.

Let’s count the many reasons why you should run:

  • In January 2023 the legislature voted to appropriate $400 million to house the illegals.
  • The legislature allowed Healey to hire more staff for the Registry of Motor Vehicles to help illegals get their licenses. While you and I cannot get an appointment to obtain the Real ID, Healey has been rolling out the red carpet for illegals – even reopening some of the branch offices on Saturdays! Citizens should be so lucky.
  • Last year’s budget contained language giving in-state tuition breaks for illegals.
  • In December, the legislature passed the largest supplemental budget ever! The new $3.1 billion in spending went in large part to fund even more welfare for the illegals.
  • The legislature has repeatedly voted down GOP amendments to fix the Right to Shelter law that forces taxpayers to keep paying for these illegals.
  • $64 is the amount illegals get every day from us to eat. Do you spend $64 per day on food? I think not!
  • Presently, the legislature is attempting to pass yet another supplemental budget of $260 million for the illegals. It contains the fake nine-month cap on hotel stays.
  • Just this week the House unveiled their 2025 budget which contains another $500 million for the Healey hotels!
  • Finally, in Rockland, a 14-year-old girl was raped in a Healey hotel, allegedly by a Haitian illegal.

So instead of moving to Florida, how about considering running for the legislature? 

The filing deadline for signatures is April 30th. You need 150 certified signatures to run for the House and 300 to run for the Senate. There is still plenty of time to get on the ballot. 

We can stop the Healey hotels, but it starts with electing more Republicans who will stand with Sen. Peter Durant for amending the right to shelter law. 

Will you do it? Whose side are you on?

If you are interested in running send me an email at [email protected] or email the MA GOP at [email protected].  Let’s do this!

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