The questions the lefty media forgot to ask Biden

That wasn’t a press conference, that was a Democrat party pep rally.

That wasn’t a press conference, that was a Democrat party pep rally.

Those weren’t reporters at the White House, those were cheerleaders. The only thing missing were the pom-poms. They might as well have started a chant:

“Gimme a B, gimme a I, gimme a D …”

After watching that slobbering lovefest, you have to ask yourself the question: Has anyone ever seen the White House press corps and the Squad together in the same room?

The second question, by a rabid Democrat operative from National Panhandler Radio, obsequiously pointed out that he “got elected as a moral, decent man.”

To which he modestly replied, “I guess I should be flattered people are coming because I’m a decent guy … .”

Just ask Tara Reade, right?

All the questions were set up in alt-left speak: destroying American energy independence was framed as “climate change.” Open borders is “immigration reform.”

H.R.1, the left’s 791-page plant to ensure permanent Democrat majorities, is described as “voting rights.”

For the record, those “voting rights” include nationwide mail-in voting, no photo IDs, stopping the purging of “ineligible” voters, automatic registration of illegal immigrants with drivers’ licenses, ballot harvesting on steroids, pressuring states to register ex-con felons, no signatures, voting 10 days after elections, making the FEC partisan — and that’s just the beginning.

And any attempts by the Republicans to ensure election integrity — the Democrat operatives with press passes say that’s “trying to restrict voting rights.”

And to pass it they need to get rid of the filibuster. So now the filibuster is a relic of Jim Crow.

No questions from Peter Doucy of Fox News, “the one-horse pony,” as Biden once described him.

Not a single question about COVID-19. Now that he owns the virus, nothing to see here folks, move along.

There was one sort of tough question, but it was about Afghanistan, which is important but it’s still …  Afghanistan.

“It is not my intention to stay there a long time,” he said. It’s been reported recently that Dementia Joe wants to be another LBJ. Boy he sure sounded like LBJ, talking about Vietnam.

“We will leave,” he added, “the question is when we leave.”

Waist deep in the Big Muddy, and the big fool says to move on.

Did any of the crack scribes ever use the word “illegal” or “alien?”

But on the subject of the so-called unaccompanied minors, Biden said that the Trump administration “let ‘em starve to death — no previous administration has ever done that except Trump.”

Where are the fact checkers now?

He did, however, mention “the tens of thousands of these kids in these God-awful facilities.”

Verdict: Mostly true.

Remember just last week, appearing with another Democrat operative with a press pass on ABC “News,” Biden asked of the unaccompanied minors, “Do you want us to take them away from their mothers?”

Which would make them not unaccompanied. Maybe one of his handlers noticed that, so he went out of his decrepit way to say, “We’re not talking about ripping babies from mothers’ arms.”

But that’s exactly what he was saying just last week.

By Joe Biden standards, there weren’t that many misstatements and just plain gibberish. He drifted off into talking about “staring at the ceiling” twice. He mentioned a “pe-pandemic high” in unemployment claims.

He talked about coming to the US Senate “120 years ago,” but this time he was kidding. I think.

A couple of times he just lost his train of thought: “If you hold something near and dear if you like to be able to well anyway….”

Here are a couple of more of his Greatest Hits:

“If you’re a husband and wife schoolteacher and a cop, you’re paying at a higher rate than the average person making a billion dollars a year.”

“We’re going to be moving 100,000 I mean 1,000 people a week out of the Border Patrol.”

Well anyway, here are some of the questions the media’s Rebeccas of Sunnybrook Farms forgot to ask:

Why are you releasing illegals who test positive for COVID-19 onto buses bound for the heartland of the United States, or is the Democrat mayor of Del Rio, Texas, lying?

You’re firing staffers for smoking marijuana — what about your vice president? What about your son?

Are you disappointed that you never taught members of your immediate family how to dispose of a firearm without attracting the attention of the local constabulary?

Mr. President, can you tell us why you fell three times on the Air Force One staircase last Friday?

You said, “By the way, dogs may help cure cancer.” Can you tell us more about that?

What was a worse thing for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to do — hoarding COVID-19 tests for his family, or for his fat-cat campaign contributors?

At one point, asked about running for re-election in 2024, which isn’t going to happen no matter what he babbles, he waxed nostalgic about Donald Trump.

“My predecessor,” he said, a vacant look (like always) in his eyes. “Oh God, I miss him.”

So do we all. And after that “press” conference, now more than ever.

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