Socialized Medicine Must Be Stopped!

Since the Clinton Presidency,  Democrats have been pushing for a government takeover of the American healthcare system.  First, it was Hillarycare.  When that failed on the launching pad, it did not deter them.  Democrats changed the fight to healthcare for children and then expanded care for people over the age of 65.  RINO Gov. Mitt Romney kept the ball rolling with Romneycare which became the model for Obamacare.  

This fight is not about caring for people.  It is all about raw power.

Democrats know that the government running our healthcare system will give them more control over us.  We will have to beg an elected official to get a mammogram or treatment due to the rationing of healthcare.  That’s why they will not stop in the push for socialized medicine. 

You and I know that patients and their doctors know what is best for them, not a government bureaucrat.  But to the average voter facing never ending increases in healthcare insurance, the idea of free care sounds great.  So Republicans have a severe messaging problem.  

Now is the time to strike at the heart of the free care message.

Bay Staters are living the Poseidon adventure where everything is completely upside down in getting the COVID-19 vaccine.  We are a shining beacon as to why the government should never run healthcare. 

Our Governor, Charlie Parker, comes from the healthcare industry, so getting vaccines to people should not be a Herculean task for him.  However, Parker has gone full government bureaucrat forgetting all common sense.  

Instead of giving vaccines to doctors and hospitals to hand out, he set up mass vaccination sites at places such as Gillette Stadium and the Natick Mall.  Why not use the healthcare infrastructure we already have in place instead of sending people to a mall?

Like Deval Patrick’s conversion from Romneycare to Obamacare which was a $1 billion boondoggle, Parker cannot get his website to work as well.  The phone system is no better.  My parents have been told multiple times to expect a call back.  The phone has not rung for weeks.

Common sense says that the most vulnerable people are in hospitals, so why in the world would you withhold vaccines from Cape Cod Hospital?  That area services many seniors.  

Cape Cod had to beg for a mass vaccination site.  Shouldn’t that area have been a priority considering the age of the population?

How about giving vaccines to visiting nurses who visit the seniors who are immobile and cannot go to a mass vaccination site?

No common sense!

Making things even worse, Parker keeps increasing the amount of people eligible at a time when he doesn’t have enough vaccines.  If you have not vaccinated the most vulnerable population, you don’t move on.  

Bacon Hill legislators are no better.  They held a token hearing to publicly flog Parker, but then did nothing to address the gross mishandling of vaccines.  Furthermore, they have also done nothing to address all the deaths at the Holyoke Soldiers Home.

How much more evidence do people need to prove that the government should not run our healthcare system?  

Lives are at stake.  Socialized medicine must be stopped.

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