Should You Dump Trump? These Three Think So

Pay attention to who’s distributing the never-again-Trump propaganda.

In 2016, the great MAGA king primaried a bunch of career politicians, and crushed them all, so now the lamest of the lame are telling you that the guy who beat them like a rented mule is now a tired candidate. This is the same crowd of front-runners who ponied up $100 million for JEB! Before that they were behind “severely conservative” Willard Mitt Romney in 2012.

And before that it was John McCain. Remember 2008? When he was running against conservative Republicans in the primaries, McCain’s campaign bus was named the Straight Talk Express. When McCain got Obama one-on-one, his alleged friends in the press renamed the bus the Strait Jacket Express.

Listen, if you decide to dump Trump, that’s your prerogative. But I recommend filtering out those spewing Swamp water before you choose to part ways.

Exhibit A: Former Vice President Mike Pence

Mike Pence was formerly known as the “homophobe in chief” and “enemy of LGBT rights.” His job description, according to the Left, was “inflicting misery on LGBT+ people.” At the end of his vice presidency, Pence endured hit pieces like “Top Homophobic Moments” and “7 Reasons We Won’t Miss Him.”

Mike Pence represents the cohort of Republicans eager to separate themselves from former President Trump for their own professional advancement. Pence held the nearest position to Trump during his presidency, so his willingness to denounce Don’s unconventional rhetoric and ways needs to be loudest.

In walks David Muir, ready to assist.

ABC World News Tonight anchor Muir would not be caught dead shooting the breeze with Mike Pence circa 2016 or 2020. But fast forward to last week, and Muir is conducting an intimate interview with the “loyal VP.”

Pence was strategic. He delivered one sanctimonious needle after another, all of them just big enough to sting his former superior:

Regarding the highly unruly day of election certification, “it was clear [President Trump] decided to be part of the problem.”

In the upcoming election, Pence thinks “we’ll have better choices.”

Pence’s career capitalization on January 6th is the perfect “Et tu, Brute?” and I don’t blame Muir and the rest of the media for eating the whole thing up.

The ABC exclusive earned 4 million views. Forget “notorious homophobe.” Now, Mike Pence is the sweetheart of the media. His “heroic hour” saved democracy, and his “fresh insights” await our nation’s future.

Pence used to be mocked for saying he’d never dine alone with a woman other than his wife. What a prig! Now his new book is titled “So Help Me God,” and he says he’s giving “prayerful consideration” to running for president, and these same alleged journalists lap it up with a spoon!

They call it… strange new respect.

It’s like the Catholic bishops. When they’re pro-life, they’re beneath contempt. When they endorse illegal immigration, they’re hospitable men of God. I wonder what Pence will name his campaign bus in 2024.

Pence doesn’t so much want to save the nation as he wants to save himself. But it’s safe to say that if the former host of The Apprentice is once again the Republican nominee, his original VP pick is fired.

Exhibit B: Former Speaker Paul Ryan

“Republicans are suffering from a Trump hangover,” declares former House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Sure. Maybe you and the others with squishy and/or self-serving motives who prefer to coast through your time-serving careers on Capitol Hill — as brutally exposed by 45, by the way—yeah, you’re probably suffering.

It’s also pretty strange that we’re supposed to listen to the guy whose own coattails didn’t exactly assist Romney’s presidential run in 2012, whose approval rating remained below Trump’s during his time as House Speaker, and who just came out in full support of tongue-tied Kevin McCarthy for Speaker.

For the record, the Trump-Pence ticket got more votes in Wisconsin in 2016 and 2020 than the Romney-Ryan pairing in 2012. Trump won Wisconsin in 2016, Ryan didn’t in 2012. Case closed.

What Republican voters are suffering from are attacks on personal liberties and egregious inflation. After reveling in the successes of a Trump presidency, Republican voters will not elect another whimpering, whining RINO, that’s for sure.

Now, I would be remiss not to mention Trump’s most dangerous rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. His popularity proves my point. Voters won’t stand for a Romney-esque Republican who collapses into the fetal position whenever some semi-literate weekend host from MSNBC accuses him of… whatever.

 Trump is “unelectable,” Paul Ryan claims. He’s not the only RINO repeating the highly circulated smear in recent weeks, ignoring the fact that Trump’s been nominated twice and elected (at least) once.

Ryan now dubs himself a “Never-again Trumper,” a term clearly coined to convince supporters that their opinions can (and should) change.

Don’t fall for this ploy. The former Speaker never had an amiable relationship with POTUS, and he’s begging to get back life-before-Trump. The job security was much stronger. And still is, when your main gig is now carrying water for Rupert Murdoch, owner of the media triumvirate of Never Trumpism – Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post.

Look, Paul (and Rupert), why don’t you just let ‘em play? If Trump can’t win the nomination, he won’t. That’s how this whole voting thing works, right?

Exhibit C: National Review Editor-in-Chief Rich Lowry

Trump isn’t here to make friends with the media. But this is nothing new.

Big-name Gen X journalists wish to return to the pre-Trump era when they could crank out their biased, swampy articles in peace and not have to worry about what’s happening at Mar-a-Lago or on Truth Social—you know, the things people are interested in.

Take the announcement of his campaign announcement, for instance. Thinking it would be his announcement, the Fake News sent their crews. The fact-checkers awakened from their Biden-era hibernation.

Of course, the Ohio rally for J. D. Vance was a mere tease. And yet Trump got everyone to watch and mark their calendars for the following Tuesday. As always, Trump reoriented news around his schedule.

That’s Trump’s best asset: the media still can’t figure him out.

Within the week of Trump’s real campaign announcement, slightly different versions of never-Trumper Rich Lowry’s tired agenda popped up across local outlets, Politico, and his own National Review.

It’s the same story as that of Pence and Ryan, just from a different channel this time. Trump can’t do it; the people don’t want it. But Lowry isn’t exactly a credible source on the wishes of voters. He’s been sounding the so-called Trump alarm for years.

National Review has always stood up against this sort of crude populism,” the editor crooned in a 2016 Bill Kristol interview. Lowry labels Trump’s affective tactics a “unique threat” with the potential to “distort conservatism.”

“We don’t want him to be nominated, but we think it would be a really unfortunate result if he’s defeated and then everyone goes on as if nothing has happened and doesn’t learn anything from this episode.”

Lowry thought his elitist stance would work in 2016. He’s hoping the same tactics will miraculously work now.

So here’s what I’ve gathered. The Never-Again Trumpers don’t have effective arguments showing how another Trump presidency would be bad for the working American or Constitutional principles.

They’ll keep calling him “unelectable.” They’ll refer to his rise an “episode.” (They might even use call the Trump era an “interregnum,” if only they knew what the word meant.)

Another Trump presidency would be bad only for career politicians, establishment Republicans and corrupt journalists. They don’t want to get on board, so they’re pulling out all the stops to get you—the voter, the actual deciding factor—off board.

Don’t let the swampiest of the swampy be the ones to convince you to dump Trump.

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