Rachel Levine Stars in Chelsea Clinton’s Children’s Book

Six dollars and thirty-five cents.

It pains me to think that’s how much I gave to this heinous movement destroying our youth, but if my $6.35 keeps this book out of the hands of one second grader, it might be worth it.

I pre-ordered the latest edition of She Persisted, a spin-off series from the original book by none other than Chelsea Clinton, written with “tiny feminists” and “mini activists” in mind. Since the first release, which featured 13 relatively tame choices for female movers and shakers, Clinton has cashed in on niche sequels with themes from history to sports. When Greta Thunberg appears in She Persisted in Science, however, the First Daughter starts to lose me.

But this newest release takes the cake. On June 6, the tag-team effort by Clinton and former New Hampshire state Rep. Lisa Bunker will be published. It features none other than our Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services, Rachel Levine, painted as a portrait of womanhood and a model for girls.

Note: Rachel Levine is a biological male formerly known as Richard…or “Dad.” Don’t you just love when the best women among us are men?


Back in the day, Levine played high-school football for the Belmont Hill School. A teammate was Mark Milley, future chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The team’s record that year was a glittering 1-6. Why are you not surprised?

Anyway, the book contains 96 pages about the life of “the first openly transgender government official” who “showed kids of all genders that they can succeed in their dreams too.”

A preview reads: “The first time Rachel knew for sure she was a trans girl was when she was five years old…reading a story in a comic book about a superhero named Superboy.”

It’s becoming harder and harder to convince the sane, rational person that people are not intentionally aiming to plant the transgender idea in the minds of young children. Admiral Levine even came out a few weeks ago in opposition to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ safe environment bill. Levine pushed for early childhood educators to discuss obscene topics with students at school—and not tell parents about it.


If you weren’t already sold, every copy of She Persisted: Rachel Levine comes with a list of “ways that readers can follow in Rachel Levine’s footsteps.”

Publisher Philomel Books recommends the book for children ages six to nine.

I doubt the literary work will include Levine’s efforts during Pennsylvania’s disastrous response to COVID-19 acting as Physician General under Gov. Tom Wolf, closing churches and strangling small businesses, while reporting questionable counts of cases and deaths.

I especially doubt it will include Levine’s decision to move her own mother out of her assisted living facility amid her mandate for nursing homes to accept virus-positive patients.

Hey, maybe it will. We’ll have to wait until June 6 to see.

Again, if $6.35 and a 96-page reading session will save one child from the Leftist agenda, maybe it’s worth it.

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