I Prefer My Fairy Godmothers Without Facial Hair

Disney princesses are looking a little different these days. By “a little different,” I mean they’re six feet tall and have facial hair.

Well, technically, Nick isn’t a Disney Princess.

Nick is a Fairy Godmother’s Apprentice and he currently works at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

A TikTok video of Nick at the entrance of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is going viral. It shows a full-grown, mustachioed man wearing a dress (albeit an unflattering one) and thickly applied makeup corralling wide-eyed little girls into a children’s dress shop.

“I’m here to shop you around and make all your selections for the day,” he says.

During my time in the cultural trenches (the place some call “college), prestigious academia was pushing a narrative regarding a transgender person’s “presentation.” If a male cross-dressed, you were supposed to describe him as “female-presenting,” even if it were painfully obvious that “she” was a “he.”

Unsurprisingly, that narrative didn’t last long. You cannot simultaneously say that binary gender is a figment of your socially-constructed imagination and that someone of Gender X can present himself as a member of Gender Y.

Now, the narrative is this: Nick is a Fairy Godmother’s Apprentice. He wears a dress and makeup. He sports a bushy ‘stache. He assists your school-age daughter in shopping for clothes. His gender? Why would you ask such a silly question!

If you dare show any spine, you’re the problem. That’s why you don’t see any Mama Bears or Papa Bears in the TikTok fending off the adult human male who is three times the size of their cubs.

Another reason why they aren’t shielding their little ones from the drag fairy is that amidst the influx of pride propaganda, parents have grown numb to the sight and sound of the likes of Nick the Fairy Godmother’s Apprentice. It’s everywhere: from drag-story hour at your local library to Lia Thomas on your TV at a click of the remote.

Some moms and dads actually came to the defense of Nick the Fairy Godmother’s Apprentice.

“He was the sweetest. My daughter was worried about getting her nails done and he was so good and patient with her,” commented a parent on TikTok, according to the Independent, which posted a Pride month logo as soon as the clock struck twelve.

I’d wager the daughter had never had her nails done by a man in a blue veil, and maybe her natural instincts were the cause of her worries.

The fact that Nick is there is “actually a good thing,” a Twitter account calling itself “Radical Jesus” said about the man’s role in the Enchanted Chamber. It figures.

My first exposure to transgenderism was when I was 11, when the Leftist overlords had begun the slow roll-out of that which would become today’s radical gender lunacy. Chaz Bono, daughter of Sonny and Cher, “made history” on Dancing with the Stars as the first-ever transgender man to compete on the top-rated primetime show.

A few years later it was the infamous Vanity Fair cover where we saw more of Bruce Jenner—well, more of someone… or something—than we would have ever dreamed for.

Then, in the past five years or so, while we weren’t paying attention, the Left went all in on their fundamental transformation of the gender institution. The nonsense spews from all directions, whether it’s your formerly favorite beer company or your nearest big-box retailer.

Don’t believe me? Check your email inbox today. Count the rainbow flag emojis.

Disney cannot pretend they would have allowed Nick to have his current role half a decade ago. Until very recently, the Disney parks maintained stringent guidelines about cast members’ appearances. Tinkerbell cannot be six feet tall, for example. Mulan cannot be Scottish. Oh, and the park does not carry dresses above a size 10.

Until they had to order Nick’s, anyway.

It would be too obvious and off-putting for children if Cinderella were really a cross-dressing Prince Charming. The Disney parks now opt to contribute to society’s decay by inventing new roles in which a confused cast member (employee) having trouble accepting he’s an average male can pretend he works for a fairy.

So on your next family vacation, watch out for a grown man with five o’clock shadow batting his baby blues at your daughter before transforming her into a princess…unless, of course, she’d rather transform into a prince.

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