Police Blotter Fax Friday: Owl Gas, No Brakes

Listen along at the link below:

Villager with ‘foggy’ mind arrested in theft of $200 in groceries at Publix [MUGSHOT] | The Villages News

Hippos descended from pets of Pablo Escobar keep multiplying. Colombia has started to sterilize them. | NBC News

Woman arrested for being drunk and disorderly bit two police officers | LESLEY TATE – Craven Herald

If you go down in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise! Eco protester’s humiliation is caught on camera when BEAR attacks him as he tries to show logging had forced animals from their lair [PHOTOS] | JAMES REYNOLDS – The Daily Mail

Florida Man Arrested in Chicago with $1.2 Million Worth of Meth | OLIVIA RONDEAU – Breitbart News

‘I was shocked’: Owl attacks man walking dog in Medfield [VIDEO INTERVIEW] | NBC10

Florida driver with ‘All Gas, No Brakes’ tattoo in high-speed crash after allegedly trying to evade cops [MUGSHOT] | ISABEL KEANE – The New York Post

Florida couple busted having sex in public in front of kids: ‘Always a dream of mine’ [MUGSHOTS] | YARON STEINBUCH – The New York Post

Man accused of stealing cop car pops up at local Lowe’s to run errands, still on the loose | JOSHUA LYNCH – The New York Post

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