Police Blotter Fax Friday: Boys will be boys (and not girls) [MUGSHOTS]

If you’re new around here, welcome to the most anticipated hour of the week.

Police Blotter Fax is the segment on the Howie Carr Show when Howie and his executive producer Taylor Cormier discuss the craziest crime and critter stories of the week. The best part? Every story is submitted by a listener like you.

As you peruse the mugshots and other footage, catch the 5 o’clock hour at the link below.

Woman clings to her car hood after thief snatches her French bulldog [PHOTO] | CBS – Dean Fioresi

Augusta burglar calls 911 for help after getting stuck & pooping himself [MUGSHOT] | The Augusta Press – Greg Rickabaugh

“Completely naked” Florida man barges into church thrift shop and steals t-shirt [MUGSHOT] | Dani Medina

Alaskan bears found more than 3,600 miles away from home in Florida [PHOTOS] | Fox Weather – Andrew Wulfeck

Florida mom booted from school’s pickup area for promoting OnlyFans on car [PHOTOS] | The New York Post – Selim Algar

Taylor Swift’s alleged stalker arrested for a third time after dumpster diving outside her NYC apartment [PHOTOS] | Page Six – Sara Whitman

Patient lifts gown while “jiggling” genitals at entrance to The Villages hospital [MUGSHOT] | The Villages News

Naked Florida woman masturbates in front of deputies after menacing store clerks with vegetable peeler [MUGSHOT] | Crime Online – KC Wildmoon

New state-mandated tampon dispenser in CT HS boys bathroom ripped down in just 20 minutes [PHOTO] | The New York Post – David Propper

Have a story you’d like to submit for next week’s round of Police Blotter Fax? Send the link (or a photo of the physical newspaper) to [email protected].

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