Police Blotter Fax Friday: An Assault Burrito!

We’ll be honest. We suffering from a shortage of mugshots this week. But we do have quite the stories for you from our fan-favorite segment, Police Blotter Fax. Every Friday at 5:30, Howie and Taylor (and Grace when she returns) will present the latest and greatest in ridiculous crime.

Teen Game Console Thief Arrested After Turning to Geek Squad for Help | Villages News

Woman Hit Wrong Man With Burrito, Cops Say [PHOTO, SOURCE DOCUMENT] | The Smoking Gun

  • You could say he got beaned!

Burger King Assistant Manager Arrested for Serving Customers Fries from Trash Can [MUGSHOT] | PATRICK REILLY – The New York Post

  • The Howie Carr Radio Network crew went to Five Guys today instead.

Human Waste Made Connecticut Roadway Slick, Leading to Multiple Crashes, Police Say [MUGSHOT] | HEATHER MORRISON – MassLive

  • It made for a crappy drive.

Irate Moviegoer Pummels 63-Year-Old Man in Florida AMC Theater over VIP Seat Beef [SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE] | DAVID PROPPER – The New York Post

  • As we mentioned in today’s episode, this has never occurred at a Howie Carr Show VIP experience—not even when the Alma Gaucha comes out!

Here are our esteemed winners! If you would like to try your luck at the weekly Police Blotter contest, send in your best headlines from around the web or (for proponents of the Gutenberg way) your daily paper.

Union Woman Makes Own New York State Inspection Sticker, Gets Arrested [PHOTO OF CRAYON-ED “INSPECTION STICKER”] | 98.1 The Hawk

  • We have a feeling this woman did not color inside the lines in elementary school based on both her art skills and respect for authority.

Ill-Gotten Gains! Ohio Man Posed as Fake PARKING ATTENDANT To Sell Out Entire Lot Before Nearby Soccer Game, Making Himself $1,600—and Those He Tricked were TICKETED by Lot Operator | JAMES GORDON – The Daily Mail

  • We respect the hustle.

Til next time!

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