Police Blotter Fax Friday: Cowboys, Iguanas, and Billy Joel [MUGSHOTS]

In case you missed this Friday’s episode of Police Blotter Fax, you can hear Grace and Howie’s commentary on the craziest crimes here:

Westcountry Teacher Sacked After She Drank Vodka and Fell Asleep in Class | BRISTOL LIVE – Daniel Clark

  • When fifth period rolls around, she needed a little something to take the edge off!

Minnesota Landlord Allegedly Set Apartment on Fire Blasting “We Didn’t Start the Fire” | NEW YORK POST – Natalie O’Neill

  • North Korea! South Korea! Marilyn Monroe! What’s that smell? Where’s the Nearest Exit?!

A Florida Man Found an Angry, Hissing Iguana in His Toilet Bowl | INSIDER – Aditi Bharade

  • Iguana do my business in peace!

Man Steals Backhoe and Drives 10 Miles to Illinois to Catch Flight | NEW YORK POST – Natalie O’Neill

  • Those of us without TSA Pre-Check understand the grind getting to security on-time.

Florida Cop Charged After Tasing Man at Gas Station, Setting Him Ablaze [VIDEO] | NEW YORK POST – Yaron Steinbuch

Police: Woman Breaks Into Closed Restaurant, Makes Salad, Contaminates $500 Worth of Food | BOSTON 25 – Jessica Goodman

  • Reports note that her greens and toppings of choice are not known. An investigation into her dressing choice is not in-progress.

Armed Bank Robbery Suspect Dressed as Cowboy During Princeton Holdup [MUGSHOT] | KTVO – John Garlock

  • Don’t let your yearnings get ahead of…someone else’s earnings.

Drumroll, please! Here are our two winners of the week!

Felony Charge for Man Who Used AirDrop to Send Naked Selfies to Strangers [MUGSHOT] | THE SMOKING GUN

  • Next time, maybe reconsider accepting rogue AirDrops…

KY Man Allegedly Shot Roommate After He Ate Last Hot Pocket [MUGSHOT] | NEW YORK POST – Jesse O’Neill

  • He REALLY put the “OW” in “MICROWAVABLE!”

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